Ploughboys at Oak Grove Plantation

Oak Grove Plantation

Ploughboys Camp Store

The Battle at Black River was reenacted this past weekend at Oak Grove Plantation in Averasboro, NC.   The Ploughboys were well represented in the units that make up the Edenton Bell Battery and Braddy’s Battery.  Dwight Lovick, Dale Hubbard, Randi Horne, and Mark Whitley helped run the Camp Store.  About 1,000 spectators were on hand throughout the weekend.  They were able to watch a rare night battle, tour the Oak Grove Plantation house, visit the troops in their camps, watch soap being made, see a blacksmith at work, etc.

Ploughboys Shell Beaver Dam

The annual “Fish Fry” and cannon demonstration took place on Saturday, January 28th.  About 100 were in attendance.  The cannons and crew were provided by the Edenton Bell Battery and Braddy’s Battery.   The meal featured barbeque, shrimp, chicken wings, baked potatoes, french fries, slaw, baked beans, and hush puppies.  Somehow, there was no fish at the “fish fry” but not a soul complained.