63rd North Carolina Regiment, Company C

Confederate Volunteers
63rd North Carolina, Company C
a.k.a. 5th North Carolina Cavalry, Company C

Enlisted at Sampson and Duplin Counties on May 16, 1862

Shaw, Elias F.

Hines, John Charles
Moore, James
Partrick, Cornelius
Peterson, Everett

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Bell, R. R.
Bizzell, F. M.
Blount, William R. C.
Boney, E. W.
Boon, Sylvester
Bowden, Calvin J.
Boykin, H.
Bradshaw, Thomas
Brewer, Bennett
Britt, Nathan
Bunting, Thomas Owen
Butler, Charles
Butler, John
Butler, John J.
Butler, Redden
Cain, George W.
Caison, William B.
Carr, Amzy
Carr, Rufus
Cashwell, William
Cobb, H. H.
Cook, Hardy M.
Culbreth, Grey
Culbreth, Wilbur F.
Darden, Lewis H.
Daughtry, Guilford
Ezzell, Charles W.
Ezzell, Thomas
Faircloth, Reason
Ferrell, Thomas M.
Fisher, Troy
Flowers, Alfred
Flowers, Jacob D.
Freeland, William D. B.
Fryar, Owen
Giles, G. W.
Goodrick, L. F.
Grice, Isaac W.
Hales, Irvin
Herring, Lucian
Hicks, E. F.
Highsmith, George
Hobbs, Julius C.
Holmes, William H.
Horn, Joseph
Howel, J. D.
Jackson, James H.
Jacobs, Simon
Johnson, Thaddeus
Kelley, Sylvester R.
Kelly, Thomas
King, Allen D.
King, Alven H.
King, H. S.
King, John B.
King, Robert T.
Kinnair, Thomas Hinton
Lamb, Allen W.
Lee, Richard Henry
Lee, William R.
Lewis, Isaac
Lewis, William
Matthews, Benedict
Matthews, Jacob Luther
McCullen, James
McCullin, Alex
Moore, John
Moore, Reuben Thomas
Moore, Walter J.
Murphy, Thomas
Noles, W. R.
Owens, Gabriel
Page, Richard
Parker, Archibald B.
Pearson, Robert K.
Peterson, Amma C.
Peterson, Julius H. C.
Peterson, Marsdon C.
Peterson, William J.
Peterson, William S.
Powell, James T.
Pugh, Benjamin F.
Rackley, Hardy
Register, Harmon H.
Register, John R.
Rich, L. W.
Rich, Owen A.
Rich, Pinkney
Robinson, D. C.
Robinson, James C.
Rogers, Isaac T.
Royal, Whitney
Sellers, Jorden
Smith, George W.
Sorrell, Hiram
Strickland, James R.
Sutton, John H.
Tatum, George M.
Tatum, James R.
Timothy, Cornelius
Turner, Everett
Vann, George W.
Wadkins, Leonard
Warren, Archibald
Warren, Robert H.
Warwick, William B.
Weeks, Benajah C.
Weeks, William R.
West, George R.
Williams, Isaac E.
Williamson, Franklin P.
Williamson, Henry G.
Winders, Horace
Wrench, John R.