Albert O. Smith

Albert O. Smith
1842 – January 8, 1863

Alternative Spelling: Albert Smith
1860 Residence: Sampson County, NC

Military Record
March 8, 1862 – Enlisted at Sampson County, NC
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company B
Rank: Private
December 17, 1862 – Wounded in the leg at Goldsboro, NC
Hospitalized at Goldsboro, NC. Leg amputated
January 8, 1863 – Died at Goldsboro, NC of wounds

Henry Edward Smith 1805-1877
Priscilla Ann Bowen 1810-1860

Edward G. Smith 1832-1910
Jesse Thomas Smith 1834        51st NC Co B
Margaret Smith 1836
Yancey Ben Smith 1837-1904        61st NC Co A
Virginia Smith 1840
Lewis H. Smith 1844        51st NC Co B
Amos J. Smith 1846-1912       51st NC Co B
Christopher Columbus Smith 1848-1871
Mary Smith 1853

Never Married