Francis Marion Willis

Francis Marion Willis
December 1844 – June 21, 1924

1860 Residence: Bladen County, North Carolina

Grand Uncle of Gene Willis
Great Grand Uncle of Mike Willis

Military Record
November 24, 1861 – Enlisted in Bladen County, NC
36th North Carolina Regiment, 3rd Company B
also known as 2nd North Carolina Artillery, 3rd Company B
Rank: Private
Promoted to Corporal about October, 1862
January 15, 1865 – Captured at Fort Fisher
Confined at Point Lookout, MD
June 21, 1865 – Released after taking Oath of Allegiance

Isaac Sims Willis 1815-1885
Flora Ann McArthur 1812-1905

Susanna Willis 1847-1912
Thomas Jefferson Willis 1848-1907
Henrietta Willis 1849-1875
Isaac Newton Willis 1849-1851
Narcissa Willis 1851-1915
Mary Isabella Willis 1852-1927
John Edwin Willis 1857-1916
Estelle Gertrude Willis 1883-1961

Barbara McDonald 1847-1969

Isadora Barbara Willis 1869-1938

Mary Mimms

John Franklin Willis 1895-1896

Sophia Howard Strickland 1868-1957

Marion Howard Willis 1892-1991
Gerald Tennyson Willis 1894-1962
Laurence Reginald Willis 1897-1967

Willis Cemetery, Bladen County
Near the intersection of Chicken Foot Road and Page’s Lake Road

Francis Marion Willis Grave

Francis Marion Willis Grave