Free Confederate Research in April is offering its Confederate Records for free during the month of April.   This is your chance to research your Ancestor and to make copies of his Service Records.   All you need is the name of your ancestor and the unit in which he served.   The search function on this site tends to bring up thousands of hits, and it is very time consuming to sift through all the matches.  Most of the matches will not be your ancestor.  Instead, choose Records/Browse Records at the top of the page.  Then you will be given a category listing.  In that listing, choose Civil War, then choose Civil War Service Records, then choose Confederate Records, then the State (for most of us that will be North Carolina), and then the unit.  The records will be organized by the first letter in the last name.

What can you expect to find?  Some records are plentiful and others are very sparse.  Most will have muster rolls.  You may find the height, hair color, and skin tone of your ancestor.  You may find pay vouchers, reports of imprisonment, or parole.  In some instances there may be pertinent letters.  It’s always exciting to see what is there.