James Cade Hartman

James Cade Hartman
December 29, 1842 – December 16, 1918 (Bethel Springs, TN)

Alternate Spelling:  James C. Hartman
1860 Residence: Robeson County, NC

(Note: This soldier lived in Robeson County. Confederate Records show birth in Kentucky and enlistment in Rutherford County. Marriage documents confirm the family, and the 1900 Census shows place of birth as Kentucky. This soldier is identified with 100% certainty)

Military Record
May 18, 1861 – Enlisted at Rutherford County, NC
18th North Carolina Regiment, Company D
Rank: Private
May 3, 1863 – Promoted to Corporal
July 1-5, 1863 – Wounded and Captured at Gettysburg, PA
Confined at David’s Island, NY Harbor
September 16, 1863 – Paroled and exchanged at City Point, VA
February 24, 1864 – Promoted to Musician
May 31, 1864 – Demoted to Private
Present or Accounted for through February 1865

John M. Hartman 1808-1860 (Robeson County, NC)
Eleanor Jane ? 1815-1860 (Robeson County, NC)

William H. Hartman 1837        31st NC, Co A
Mary E. Hartman 1839
Jacob W. Hartman 1840-1890        12th NC, 1st Co D
John Edmond Hartman  1846-1870        51st NC, Co F
Alonzo W. Hartman 1848
W. B. Hartman 1854
C. Hartman 1858

Margaret Sarah Ann McRimmon 1845-1923

Eleanor Margurette Hartman 1873-1957
William Hartman 1875-1933
Neil McRimmon Hartman 1876-1878
James Murdock Hartman 1878-1946
Leo Hartman 1881-1946
John Murchison Hartman 1884-1951
Archibald McRimmon Hartman 1886-1954