James Pinckney Pitman

James Pinckney Pitman
June 7, 1835-July 24, 1896

Alternate Spelling: James P. Pitman, James P. Pittman, James Pinckney Pittman, James Pinkney Pittman, James Pinkney Pitman
1860 Residence: Robeson County, NC

Military Record
April 24, 1861-Enlisted in Roberson County, NC
12th North Carolina Regiment, 1st Company, D
Rank: Corporal
December 16, 1861-Company disbanded
May 5, 1862-Enlisted at Camp Holmes, Wilmington, NC.
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company E
Rank: Private
January 7, 1863-Appointed 3rd Lieutenant
May 13, 1863-Hospitalized at Wilmington, NC with typhoid fever
June 16, 1863-Furloughed for thirty days
September 1, 1863-Returned to duty
May 18, 1864-Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
September 30, 1864-Captured at Fort Harrison, VA
Confined at Old Capitol Prison at Washington, DC
October 21, 1864-Transferred to Fort Delaware, DE
June 17, 1865-Released after taking the Oath Of Allegiance

Elias Pittman 1784-1859 (Robeson County, NC)
Annie Gerald 1796-1863 (Robeson County, NC)

Alexander Pittman 1818
Catherine Pittman 1820-1888
Henry Flowers Pittman 1823-1888
Bethel Pittman 1825-1853
Isham Pittman 1828-1864         12th NC 1st Co D
Eliza Pittman 1830-1896
Sarah Jane Pittman 1833-1897
William Ellery Pittman 1843-1853

Ann Catherine Atkinson 1844-1920 (Robeson County, NC)

Mary Catherine Pittman 1868-1946
Isabelle Florence Pittman 1869
Isham Boid Pittman 1872
Walter Brooks Pittman 1872
Eula A. Pittman 1874-1957
Henry Charles Pittman 1876-1918
Claudia Cornelia Pittman 1878-1958
Irma Frances Pittman 1880-1964
Rosie L. Pittman 1885
Maggie A. Pittman 1887

(Old) Fairmont Memorial Cemetery
South Main Street
Fairmont, NC

James Pinckney Pitman Grave

James Pinckney Pitman Grave