Joel Franklin Stephens

Joel Franklin Stephens
September 29, 1841-December 12, 1891

Alternate Spelling: Joel F. Stephens
1860 Residence: Robeson County, NC


Military Record
May 3, 1862-Enlisted at Robeson County, NC
1st Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery, Company A
Rank: Private
January 13, 1864-Transferred to
1st Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery, Company D
January 15, 1865-Captured at Fort Fisher, NC
Confined at Point Lookout, MD
June 20, 1865-Released after taking Oath of Allegiance

Alfred Barnabas Stephens 1803-1843 (Robeson County, NC)
Nancy Hill 1814-1860 (Robeson County, NC)

James Alfred Barney Stephens 1842-1890

Lucy Lewis 1845-1870 (Robeson County, NC)

Whiting Stephens 1864-
Edward Stephens 1866-1934
Emma Stephens 1869

Civil S. Pittman 1844-1923

Frank Stephens 1872
Oliver Yates Stephens 1874-1945
Nancy Stephens 1877-1960
Harriet Stephens 1880
Joel Greene Stephens 1883-1928
James Stephens 1885

(Old) Fairmont Memorial Cemetery
South Main Street
Fairmont, NC

Joel Franklin Stephens Grave

Joel Franklin Stephens Grave