John Fletcher Walters

John Fletcher Walters
August 5, 1845 – January 25, 1928


Alternate Spelling: John F. Walters
1860 Residence: Richmond County, NC


Military Record
12th Battalion Virginia Light Artillery, Company D
Rank: Private
(records indicate they he transferred from this unit,
but no records found)
November 4, 1863 – Transferred to
13th Battalion North Carolina Light Artillery, Company A
March 8, 1865 – Captured in Richmond County, NC
Confined at Point Lookout, MD
June 21, 1865 – Released after taking the Oath of Allegiance

Bennett Walters 1822-1912       13th Bat NC Lt Art Co A
Susan Dawkins 1811-1903

Thomas H. Walters 1844-1920        13th Bat NC Lt Art Co A

Lucy Catherine Hasty 1857-1930

Charles Thomas Walters 1873-1961
John Robert Walters 1874-1939
Elijah Bennett Walters 1875-1900
Mary Ellen Walters 1877-1957
Baxter Phillip Walters 1878-1936
Ann Elizabeth Walters 1879-1898
Martha Susan Walters 1881-1912
Lucy May Walters 1883-1982
Frances Etta Walters 1887-1952
Myrtle Lyon Walters 1889-1985
Herbert Franklin Walters 1893-1965
Mabel Walters 1894-1980
Stacy Bradshaw Walters 1896-1972
Carlton Croom Walters 1900-1961
Kitty Lenora Walters 1901-1990

Alloway Cemetery
Watson Farm Road
Red Springs, NC

John Fletcher Walters Grave

John Fletcher Walters Grave