John W. Hall

John W. Hall
1837 – October 28, 1864

Alternate Spelling: John A. W. Hall
1860 Residence: Cumberland County, NC

Military Record
June 1, 1861 – Enlisted at Cumberland County, NC
24th North Carolina Regiment, Company F
Rank: Private
June 17, 1864 – Captured near Petersburg, VA
Confined at Point Lookout, MD
July 27, 1864 – Transferred to Elmira, NY
October 28, 1864 – Died at Elmira, NY of pneumonia
Due to circumstantial evidence, we believe that John A. W. Hall is the John W. Hall from the Charles Hall Family. He is the only John W. Hall is census records (of approximately the correct age) from this area in 1850/1860. He is also the brother of Stephen W. Hall. It is very common for at least 2 brothers to have enlisted together. There are other issues….some researchers show that John W. Hall died in Wake County in 1913. The Death Certificate of that John W. Hall shows he was from Cumberland County, but no parents were listed….No parents are listed which indicates the informant knew little. There is a further problem of the Soldier John A. W. Hall’s death. He is listed as having died at Elmira, NY. There is no record of his burial at Woodlawn National Cemetery. Woodlawn does often misspell names, but the soldier’s graves are usually recorded. We do not believe that anyone will 100% prove the identity of this soldier. If anyone has any proof that the John W. Hall from the Charles Hall family is not the soldier, please email us at

Charles Hall 1803-1863
Margaret Averitt 1804-1881

Sarah Jane Hall 1825-1891
Ann M. Hall 1826
Charlotte E. Hall 1828
William James Hall 1829        36th NC 2nd Co C
Amos Jessup Hall 1830-1904        36th NC 2nd Co C
Margaret Sabre Hall 1835
Stephen W. Hall 1839        24th NC Co F
Elizabeth C. Hall 1842
Never Married

Unknown but Presumed to be
Woodlawn National Cemetery
Elmira, New York