Jordan Prevatt

Jordan Prevatt
1836-July 18, 1920

Alternate Spelling:  Jordan Prevatte
1860 Residence: Robeson County, NC

Military Record
February 28, 1862-Enlisted in Robeson County, NC
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company E
Rank: Private
November-December 1862 – Reported absent without leave
January-February 1863 – Reported sick
March-April 1863 – Returned to Duty
May-August 1863 – Reported sick
December 20, 1863 – Returned to Duty
September 30, 1864 – Captured at Fort Harrison, VA
October 5, 1864 – Confined to Point Lookout, MD
June 3, 1865 – Released after taking Oath of Allegiance

Wright Prevatt 1800-1889 (Robeson County, NC)
Anna Lamb 1810-1877 (Robeson County, NC)

Archibald Prevatt 1827-1895
Michael L. Prevatt 1831-1864        51st NC Co E
Crissie Jane Prevatt 1832-1869
Alice Prevatt 1833-1900
Peter Pinkney Prevatt 1836-1866        51st NC Co E
Andrew Jackson Prevatt 1838-1865        51st NC Co E
James P. Prevatt 1840-1912        51st NC Co E
William W. Prevatt 1841-1908        51st NC Co E
Richard Rhodes Prevatt 1844-1924
Willis P. Prevatt 1842-1863        51st NC Co E
Zacharias R. Prevatt 1845-1926     3rd NC JR Res Co I

Angeline Barnes 1830-1893 (Robeson County, NC)

Alice Minerva Prevatt 1858
Florence Amelia Prevatt 1860
Elizabeth Annette Prevatt  1862-1937
Iredell Jordan Prevatt 1865-1945
J. D. Brady Prevatt  1868
Ottie Wood Prevatt  1872-1936

Prevatt Cemetery
Old Whiteville Road
Lumberton, NC

Jordan Prevatt Grave

Jordan Prevatt Grave