Lovett James Ezzell

Lovett James Ezzell
June 2, 1826 – December 23, 1904

Alternate Spelling: Lovett J. Ezzell
1860 Residence: Duplin County, NC

3rd Great Grandfather of Allen Sykes

Military Record
June 17, 1861 – Enlisted at Duplin County, NC
3rd North Carolina Regiment, Company B
Rank:  Private
March 10, 1863 – Detailed for Hospital Duty
Remained on Hospital Duty until Discharged
April 20, 1864 – Discharged by reason of “chronic enlargement of the right leg”

Cullen Ezzell 1803-1870
Atha Ellen Merit 1813-1870

William Wright Ezzell 1829        51st NC Co B
Nancy E. Ezzell 1832
Morning Ann Ezzell 1833
Lewis W. Ezzell 1834        51st NC Co B
Mary J. Ezzell 1837
Tabitha Ezzell 1838
Margaret Ezzell 1840
Joseph Cullen Ezzell 1842-1915        51st NC Co B
Curtis Hooks Ezzell 1843-1911        51st NC Co B
Zachariah Ezzell 1846-1911        51st NC Co B
Asha Ellen Ezzell 1848
Silas Monroe Ezzell 1850-1915

Ellen Strickland 1830-1909

Julius James Ezzell 1848-1918
Daniel Newton Ezzell 1851-1915
Christopher W. Ezzell 1856-1939
Buchanan Ezzell 1860
Sidney Amos Ezzell 1863-1933
Claudius B. Ezzell 1871-1897

Magnolia Cemetery
Magnolia, NC

Lovett James Ezzell Grave

Lovett James Ezzell Grave