Malcolm James Buie Jr.

Malcolm James Buie, Jr.
January 20, 1844 – February 3, 1901

1860 Residence: Cumberland County, North Carolina

2nd Great Grandfather of James Buie

Military Record
September 27, 1863 – Enlisted in Cumberland County
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company I
Rank: Private
Present and accounted for through 1864

Malcolm James Buie 1801-1879
Barbara Moore King 1809-1862

Margaret McDuffie Buie 1832-1890
Barbary Margaret Buie 1836-1878
Mariam Buie 1840-1909
Daniel McDuffie Buie 1842-1907        51st NC, Co I
Mary A. Buie 1845-1903
Henry King Buie 1846-1912
Sarah Elizabeth Buie 1850-1930

Mary Catherine Bell 1850-1884

Robert Livingston Buie 1867-1943
Barbara Elizabeth Buie 1868
Henry Finley Buie 1876-1927
Mary Margaret Buie 1878-1924
Annie Elizabeth Buie 1881-1948

Buie Cemetery
Cumberland County, NC

Malcolm James Buie, Jr. Grave

Malcolm James Buie, Jr. Grave