Neil McNeill

Neil McNeill
January 21, 1817 – March 10, 1897

Alternate Spelling:  Neill McNeill
1860 Residence: North Division, Robeson County, NC

Military Record
July 5, 1864 – Enlisted at Shoe Heel Depot (Maxton), NC
8th North Carolina Senior Reserves, McLean’s Company
Rank: Private
November 10, 1864 – Elected Captain of the
8th North Carolina Senior Reserves, McNeill’s Company

Daniel Marsh McNeill 1778-1852
Mary Buie Brown 1782-1852

James McNeill
John Brown McNeill 1808-1906
Jane Campbell McNeill 1810-1890
Ala McNeill 1813-1895
Hector McNeill 1818-1890
William McNeill 1820-1891
Daniel McNeill 1824-1837

Annabella Margaret Downing Buie 1821-1905

Daniel Buie McNeill 1840-1930
John Brown McNeill 1842-1930        40th NC, Co E
William Dodderidge McNeill 1843-1847
Archibald Alexander McNeill 1845-1865        24th NC, Co G
Flora Catherine McNeill 1847-1900
David Jarriot McNeill 1849-1918
Neill McPherson McNeill 1851-1929
James Scott McNeill 1854-1928
Mary Jane McNeill 1856-1921
Charity Caroline McNeill 1858-1915
Effie Ann McNeill 1858-1922
Margaret Downing McNeill 1860-1942

St. Pauls Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Saint Pauls, NC

Neil McNeill Grave

Neil McNeill Grave