Neill Crumpler Thagard

Neill Crumpler Thagard
February 5, 1843 – November 5, 1909

Alternate Spelling;  Neill C. Thagard, Neill C. Thaggard, Neil Crumpler Thagard,
Neil Crumpler Thaggard, Neill Crumpler Thaggard
1860 Residence: Cumberland County, NC

Military Record
June 1, 1861 – Enlisted at Cumberland County, NC
24th North Carolina Regiment, Company F
Rank:  Private
September-October 1862 – Promoted to Corporal
August 1, 1864 – Promoted to 1st Sergeant
April 1, 1865 – Captured at or near Five Forks, VA
Confined at Point Lookout, MD June 21, 1865 – Released after taking the Oath of Allegiance

James Thagard  1801-1861
Susannah Hollingsworth  1802-1886

Mary Ann Thagard  1822-1892
Gordon Thagard  1823-1888
James B. Thagard  1824-1865    36th NC 2nd Co C
Stephen Leonard Thagard  1825-1907       24th NC Co F
Sarah Thagard  1827
George Francis Thagard  1829-1898
Amos Jerome Thagard  1833-1867       40th NC 2nd Co K
Joseph G. Thagard  1835-1863          36th NC 2nd Co I
Sophia E. Thagard  1837-1877
Alexander R. Thagard  1839-1913         44th NC Co E
Isaac Thagard  1841
Susan Thagard  1845-1922
William Thagard  1845-1874

Mary Fisher  1845-1924

Jennett Victoria Thagard  1867-1931
Susan Cornelia Thagard  1868-1951
Roberta Pauline Thagard  1870-1928
Lellia Virina Thagard  1871-1907
Edgar Kent Thagard  1874-1956
Cadmus Lee Thagard  1876-1936
Pierre Thurman Thagard  1878
John Frances Thagard  1880-1884
James Raeford Thagard  1884-1956
Mary K. Thagard  1886

Cedar Creek Baptist Church Cemetery
Fayetteville, NC

Neill Crumpler Thagard

Neill Crumpler Thagard