Neill Townsend

Neill Townsend
December 13, 1838 – August 20, 1904

Alternate Spelling: Neil Townsend
1860 Residence: Robeson County, NC

Military Record
May 18, 1861 – Enlisted in Robeson County, NC
18th North Carolina Regiment, Company D
Rank: Corporal
April 24, 1862- Elected 2nd Lieutenant
December 13, 1862-Promoted to 1st Lieutenant
May 2-3, 1863-Wounded at Chancellorsville, VA
September 1, 1863-Returned to duty
May 10-12, 1864-Captured at Spotsylvania Court House, VA
Confined at Fort Delaware, DE
June 16, 1865-Released after taking the Oath of Allegiance

Alfred Townsend 1819-1875 (Robeson County, NC)
Edith Humphrey 1820-1855 (Robeson County, NC)

Charles F. Townsend 1840-1922      51st NC, Co E
William James Townsend 1842-1927      18th NC, Co D
Roseanna Townsend 1846-1919
Sarah Jane Townsend 1847-1921
James Pinkney Townsend 1850-1866
Major Alfred Townsend 1851-1892

Narcissus Howell 1840-1923 (Robeson County, NC)

Clarence DeWitt Townsend 1868-1908
Walter N. Townsend 1873
Sally Townsend 1876
Lester Boyette Townsend 1877

Back Swamp Cemetery
Robeson County, NC

Neill Townsend Grave

Neill Townsend Grave