Peter Brown

Peter Brown
January 14, 1821 – January 2, 1911

Alternate Spelling: Peter B. Brown, Peter R. Brown
1860 Residence: Robeson County, NC
Note: We are unsure of the middle initial

Military Record
October 29, 1864 – Enlisted at Camp Holmes, near Raleigh, NC
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company D
Rank: Private
Present or Accounted for through 1864

Abraham Brown 1771-1857
Catherine ? 1800

John R. Brown
Susan Brown
Jennett Brown 1821
Archibald Brown 1827-1903
Catharine Brown 1830-1906

Catharine McGeachy 1825-1901

Ann C. Brown 1859
Effie R. Brown 1860-1933
Cattie McNair Brown 1862-1929
Sallie Brown 1865
Mary Brown 1867

St. Pauls Presbyterian Church Cemetery
Saint Pauls, NC

Peter Brown Grave

Peter Brown Grave