Redding Richmond Buffkin

Redding Richmond Buffkin
February 11, 1839 – December 22, 1918

1860 Residence: Either Columbus County, NC or Horry County, SC
Alternate Spelling: Reddin Buffkin or Redden Buffkin

2nd Great Grandfather of Tim Brock

Military Record
October 21, 1861 – Enlisted at Columbus County, NC
36th North Carolina Regiment, 2nd Company A
also known as 2nd North Carolina Artillery, 2nd Company A
Rank: Private
January 15, 1862 – Discharged by reason of “congenital hernia on both sides”
April 8, 1862 – Enlisted in Columbus County, NC
1st Battalion North Carolina Heavy Artillery, Company C
Rank:  Private
November 1-13, 1862 – Discharged at Fort Fisher by reason of a hernia

Benjamin Hugh Buffkin 1814-1849
Nancy A. Tyler 1829-1885

Josiah Buffkin 1836-1932
Benjamin H. Buffkin 1845-1928
James McDaniel Buffkin 1845-1892
Samantha Buffkin 1846-1927
Bethel D. Buffkin 1849

Martha E. Floyd 1844-1913

Alford D. Buffkin 1866-1922
Hugh Buffkin 1869
Willie Hampton Buffkin 1877-1940
Emma M. Buffkin 1879-1957
Frances Buffkin 1881-1960
Virginia Isabell Buffkin 1884
Jane Buffkin 1884
Montgomery G. Buffkin 1886-1909
Jennie Buffkin 1886

Hammond Cemetery
Horry County, South Carolina

Redding Richmond Buffkin Grave

Redding Richmond Buffkin Grave