Richard Strickland

Richard Strickland
August 30, 1838 – May 25, 1885

Alternate Spelling:  Richard F. Strickland, Richard S. Strickland
1860 Residence: Cumberland County, NC

Note:  We are absolutely positive about the identity of this soldier, but it appears he used the middle initial F and S several different times in his life.

Military Record
June 1, 1861 – Enlisted at Cumberland County, NC
24th North Carolina Regiment, Company F
Rank:  Private
April 6, 1865 – Captured near South Side Railroad, VA
Confined at Newport News, VA
June 30, 1865 – Released after taking the Oath of Allegiance

Richardson Strickland  1810-1886
Jennett McLerran  1798-1885

Hector Strickland  1830-1921         24th NC Co F
Mary Strickland  1832-1834
Isabella Elizabeth Strickland  1834-1928
Ferebee Jane Strickland  1836-1880
Patience W. Strickland  1845

Lucetta Bryant  1846-1918

Claudius Strickland  1867
Xantiphi Hantope Strickland  1868-1948
Hector Zelvey Strickland  1870-1953
Ruffin Strickland  1872-1930
Elinoas Strickland  1874-1918
Saffhora Strickland  1877-1877
Florence Strickland  1877
Letitia Martin Strickland  1883-1943
Charlie Deems Strickland  1886-1946
Hardy Jones Family Cemetery
Roebud Road
Cumberland County, NC


Richard Strickland Grave

Richard Strickland Grave