Robert H. Martin

Robert H. Martin
1835-August 25, 1864

1860 Residence: Robeson County, NC

Military Record
May 5, 1862-Enlisted at Camp Holmes near Wilmington, NC
51st North Regiment, Company E
Rank: Private
June 1, 1864-Captured at Cold Harbor, VA
June 11, 1864-Confined to Point Lookout, MD
July 12, 1864-Transferred to Elmira, NY
August 25, 1864-Died at Elmira of “chronic diarrhea”

Norman Martin 1806-1891 (Robeson County, NC)
Mary Dean 1805-1864 (Robeson County, NC)

Effie Martin 1829
Thomas Martin 1830-1908    1st Battalion NC Heavy Artillery, Co A
William A. Martin 1832       1st Battalion NC Heavy Artillery, Co A
Elizabeth Martin 1836
Mary Ann Martin 1838
Martha J. Martin 1842-1909
John D. Martin 1847-1929
Norman Mac Martin 1850

Martha Butler 1834

No Children

Woodlawn National Cemetery
Elmira, NY

Robert H. Martin Grave

Robert H. Martin Grave

Memorial Stone:
Lumberton City Cemetery
5th Street
Lumberton, NC

Robert H. Martin Memorial

Robert H. Martin Memorial