Rubin Strickland

Rubin Strickland
May 15, 1835 – April 6, 1877

Alternate Spelling: Reuben Strickland, Ruben Strickland,
Ruben S. Strickland, Reuben S. Strickland, Rubin Cyrus Strickland
1860 Residence: Sampson County, NC
2nd Great Grandfather of John Fisher

Military Record
February 18, 1862 – Enlisted at Cumberland County, NC
56th North Carolina Regiment, Company B
Rank: Private
Prior to September 1, 1862 – Dropped from Company Rolls for failure to report for duty
February 26, 1862 – Enlisted at Cumberland County, NC
36th North Carolina Regiment, 2nd Company C
also known as 2nd North Carolina Artillery, 2nd Company C
Rank: Private
January 15, 1865 – Captured at Fort Fisher, NC
Confined at Point Lookout, MD
June 20, 1865 – Released after taking the Oath of Allegiance

Nathan Strickland Jr. 1792
Nancy ? 1794

Edward William Strickland 1814-1897
Harmon Strickland 1819-1897
Nathan Strickland 1822-1862        33rd NC Co G
Stuart Hilery Strickland 1831-1879
Isaac Strickland 1838

Anna Eliza Pope 1836-1913

William D. Strickland 1855
Elizabeth C. Strickland 1858
Isaac Calvin Strickland 1859-1912
Michael G. Strickland 1862-1925
Reuben Strickland 1866
Wiley Franklin Strickland 1868-1935
Bennie L. Strickland 1871-1928
Andrew Jefferson Strickland 1873-1945
Carrie N. Strickland 1878

John Geddie Family Cemetery
Eastover, NC