Kodey Talbott wins Cumberland Ploughboys Merit Scholarship


Kodey Talbott wins Ploughboys Scholarship

Kodey Talbott wins Ploughboys Merit Scholarship

Kodey Talbott, graduate of Pinecrest High School, is the winner of the 2016 Cumberland Ploughboys Merit Scholarship.  The scholarship is awarded in the amount of $500 and may be renewed 3 additional years with satisfactory academic progress.

Kodey is the Grandson of Ploughboy member Allen Sykes and is the 5th great Grandson of Private Lovett James Ezzell of the 3rd North Carolina Regiment, Co B.

Kodey will be attending Campbell University, where he plans to major in Pre-Pharmacy.


Commander Kenny Bell, Kodey Talbott, Allen Sykes (Grandfather), Reggie Talbott (Father)

Lovett James Ezzell

Lovett James Ezzell
June 2, 1826 – December 23, 1904

Alternate Spelling: Lovett J. Ezzell
1860 Residence: Duplin County, NC

3rd Great Grandfather of Allen Sykes

Military Record
June 17, 1861 – Enlisted at Duplin County, NC
3rd North Carolina Regiment, Company B
Rank:  Private
March 10, 1863 – Detailed for Hospital Duty
Remained on Hospital Duty until Discharged
April 20, 1864 – Discharged by reason of “chronic enlargement of the right leg”

Cullen Ezzell 1803-1870
Atha Ellen Merit 1813-1870

William Wright Ezzell 1829        51st NC Co B
Nancy E. Ezzell 1832
Morning Ann Ezzell 1833
Lewis W. Ezzell 1834        51st NC Co B
Mary J. Ezzell 1837
Tabitha Ezzell 1838
Margaret Ezzell 1840
Joseph Cullen Ezzell 1842-1915        51st NC Co B
Curtis Hooks Ezzell 1843-1911        51st NC Co B
Zachariah Ezzell 1846-1911        51st NC Co B
Asha Ellen Ezzell 1848
Silas Monroe Ezzell 1850-1915

Ellen Strickland 1830-1909

Julius James Ezzell 1848-1918
Daniel Newton Ezzell 1851-1915
Christopher W. Ezzell 1856-1939
Buchanan Ezzell 1860
Sidney Amos Ezzell 1863-1933
Claudius B. Ezzell 1871-1897

Magnolia Cemetery
Magnolia, NC

Lovett James Ezzell Grave

Lovett James Ezzell Grave

Amos William Askew

Amos William Askew
1826 – June 1864

Alternate Spelling:  Amos W. Askew
1860 Residence: Jones County, NC

3rd Great Grandfather of Allen Sykes

Military Record
May 15, 1862 – Enlisted at Jones County, NC
8th Battalion North Carolina Partisan Rangers (Cavalry), Company A
Rank: Sergeant
October 25, 1862 – Transferred to
8th Battalion North Carolina Partisan Rangers (Cavalry), Company C
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
April 3, 1863 – Submitted his resignation
April 17, 1863 – Resignation accepted

Amos Askew 1802
Holland ? 1801-1880

John William Askew 1821-1855
Benjamin Askew 1824-1893        8th Battalion NC Cavalry, Co A
Nancy Ann Askew 1826-1850
Jesse Askew 1827

Nancy Bynum 1831-1879

Laura Frances Askew 1856-1939
Sarah Askew 1857-1940
Zilpha Irene Askew 1862-1937
Joseph Askew 1862
Amos William Askew 1864-1939