Cumberland Plough Boys and Edenton Bell Battery Start Year off with a Bang!


Plough Boys take Beaver Dam


On Saturday, January 5th the Cumberland Plough Boys Camp 2187 kicked off the new year with a day of remembering our ancestors.


Plough Boys Ken Bell, W. S. Jackson, Dwight Lovick, and David Vinson man the cannon

In the morning a few members of the Camp met at Cross Creek Cemetery in Fayetteville to kick off the Confederate Soldiers Project.  Mike Willis, Durwood Beasley, and Mark Whitley spent a few hours recording grave information and taking photos.

Afterwards, the Camp met for lunch at Lt. Commander Vinson’s residence for a spread of barbeque, chicken, and fish.   Shortly afterward, the Edenton Bell Battery demonstrated cannon fire and the role of the artillery men.  Beaver Dam was under siege as the cannon was fired approximately twenty times.   Members of the Plough Boys and some of the locals got an opportunity to fire the big gun.  It was a good thing nobody was firing back, because unlimbering the cannon and move quickly would have been difficult for the troops considering all the food they put away.

A special thanks goes out to the Edenton Bell Battery for providing us with this great educational opportunity.  A good time was had by all.