Soldiers Buried in the 5 County Area, but from Elsewhere

Soldiers Buried in the Five County Area,
but Originally from Outside the Area

(We will continue to update this list as we find these graves)

Adams, William Francis
Aman, John Sanders

Atwell, Robert L.
Black, Archibald Doyle
Brafford, Joseph Eli
Bryant, Andrew Bethel
Cottingham, Alexander Jefferson
Croom, Judson W.
Ezzell, Lovett James
Fitzhugh, Thomas
Floyd, Ervin
Gaitley, Isaac
Gerrald, Samuel
Gibson, John Brian
Glisson, John D.
Gorham, Benjamin Churchill
Hales, Giles
Hall, Thomas G.
Harris, William Arthur
Kerr, Edwin Washington
Kerr, John Daniel
Long, Commodore Perry
McKenzie, Murdock Gaston
Merritt, Timothy Wright

Nolley, Emmett Woodville
Parker, Jonathan
Patterson, Angus R.
Patterson, Hugh L.
Pollard, Benjamin James
Rivenbark, Henry Dudley
Thrower, Steven Wall
Townsend, James T.
Townsend, Solomon Richardson
Wallace, John Mack
Walters, Bennett
Walters, John Fletcher
Ward, Stephen D.
Webster, William R.
Williams, John B.
Yarborough, Benjamin Franklin

Confederate Soldiers Project

The Confederate Soldiers Project is officially underway.   The List of Confederate Companies is now posted, along with the Soldiers who comprise those companies.  This is the first step in what is expected to be a decade long project of identifying and recording the military and family information on all the Confederate Soldiers from the five-county area surrounding Fayetteville.

We are now in the process of identifying Soldiers who are originally from the five-county area but served in Companies that didn’t have a large contigent of soldiers from this area.  We are also developing an alphabetical list of all the soldiers for cemetery research.

An Our Ancestors page will be next on the agenda for the Web Page.  This page will provide links to pages on the Confederate Soldiers who are lineal ancestors of Camp Members and collateral ancestors for those who joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans by that relationship.  We look forward to sharing our proud history.