Angus Graham Bain

Angus Graham Bain
September 9, 1834-August 15, 1913

 1860 Residence:  Cumberland County, NC

2nd Great Grandfather of Michael Royal
3rd Great Grandfather of Richard Royal

Military Record
Enlisted in Cumberland County on April 26, 1862
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company I
Rank: Private
Occupation: Farmer
May 14, 1864-Wounded in the left side at Drewry’s Bluff, VA
Hospitalized at Richmond, VA
September 30, 1864- Captured at Fort Harrison, VA
Confined at Point Lookout, MD
March 19, 1865- Paroled & Exchanged at Boulware’s Wharf, James River, VA

John Bain, Jr. 1798-1861
Catherine Jane Graham 1804-1881

Daniel Dougald Bain 1822-1898
Mary Margaret Bain 1824-1918
John Bain 1826-1892
Anne Jane Bain 1828-1909
Effie Catherine Bain 1830
Christian Bain 1838-1913
Hugh James Bain 1840-1867       51st NC, Co I
Dougald Alexander Bain 1843-1863       51st NC, Co I
David Montrose Bain 1848-1903

Mary Jane Hair 1835-1881

Lovedy Ann Bain 1854-1922
Mary Margaret Bain 1858
Angus James Bain 1859
Elizabeth Jane Bain 1860
Laura C. Bain 1861
Dougald Alexander Bain 1862
Flora Bain 1863

McMillan Presbyterian Church Cemetery
US Hwy 13
Wade, NC

Samuel Vinson

Samuel Vinson

1860Alternate Spelling:  Samuel Vincent
Residence:  Bladen County, NC

samuel vinson

Samuel Vinson

Great Grandfather of Randle Vinson
2nd Great Grandfather of Daniel Vinson
2nd Great Grandfather of David Vinson
2nd Great Grandfather of Donovan Vinson
2nd Great Grandfather of Chris Edge

Military Record
Enlisted February 26, 1862 in Bladen County, NC
36th North Carolina Regiment, 2nd Company C
also known as 2nd Regiment North Carolina Artillery, 2nd Company C
Rank: Private
Captured at Fort Fisher on January 15, 1865
Confined at Point Lookout, Maryland
Released after taking Oath of Allegiance on May 13, 1865

John Vinson 1790-1870 (Pitt County, NC)
Priscilla Harrell 1791-1870

James Vincent 1816
Eliza Vinson 1818
Andrew Vinson 1820
John Vinson 1824
Elizabeth Vinson 1831
Drury Vinson 1833

Charlotte McDaniel 1832-1902

Mary Isabelle Vinson 1856-1914
Little Berry Vinson 1857-1901
Glasgow Shepherd Vinson 1858-1924
John Love Vinson 1861-1929
Zebulon Vance Vinson 1864-1936
Samuel Montgomery Vinson 1866-1921
Bennett H. Vinson 1867-1890
Frances Julian Vinson 1868-1926
Miles L. Vinson 1870-1935
Oscar Addie Vinson 1871-1940
Virginia Vinson 1873-1914
James Vinson 1879-1950
Donnie Vinson 1880-1880

Vinson Family Cemetery
Norris Road
Beaver Dam Community


Our Ancestors

Ancestors of The Cumberland Plough Boys Camp 2187

Allen, Turner
Askew, Amos William
Autry, Daniel
Autry, Miles Costin
Bain, Angus Graham
Batten, Ransom
Beard, Daniel D.
Beard, James Robert
Beard, Neill
Beasley, Ephraim Oxford
Boushee, Consider
Bowman, Abel
Brown, Gregory
Bruton, John Morehead
Bryant, Major
Buffkin, Redding Richmond
Buie, Malcolm James Jr.
Burchett, Irvin Robert
Carty, King Solomon
Culbreth, Daniel Maxwell
Dennis, William Henry

Draughon, Garry Bright
Dunn, Cephus McGowan
Dunn, Joseph Samuel
Eason, Benjamin T.
Edge, Leonard
Ellis, James Thadius

Ezzell, John King
Ezzell, Lovett James
Faircloth, Isaiah
Ferrell, Elias
Ferrell, Gabriel
Fisher, John Henry
Frazier, Ransom Bryant
Gardner, Owen James
Hair, Martin Van Buren

Hall, Drew
Hall, Robert
Hall, William James
Hamrick, Charles Jefferson
Hatcher, Thomas M.
Hinnant, James H.
Holland, Thomas James
Horne, David
House, Redding
Hubbard, John Harold
Hyde, Jason S.
Jackson, Wiley Calvin
Johnson, Daniel Mack
Johnson, Daniel Nelson
Mangum, Priestly M.
Mitchell, John Alexander
New, John T.
Nunnery, Amos
Odom, Phillip E.
Odum, Ferdinand Gibson
Owens, Gabriel

Price, John Charles
Ray, Gilbert Carmichael
Sikes, Edmund Lafayette
Strickland, David
Strickland, Rubin
Strickland, Samuel
Sutton, John Bunyon
Taylor, John Pickney
Tew, Phillip Alexander
Thames, Calvin
Vinson, Samuel
Warren, James Calvin
Watson, Noah
West, Henry James
Whaley, John James
Whitley, David
Whitley, Micajah
Williams, Blackmon
Williams, Nathan
Willis, Francis Marion
Willis, Isaac Sims
Wilson, Francis Marion

Confederate Soldiers Project

The Confederate Soldiers Project is officially underway.   The List of Confederate Companies is now posted, along with the Soldiers who comprise those companies.  This is the first step in what is expected to be a decade long project of identifying and recording the military and family information on all the Confederate Soldiers from the five-county area surrounding Fayetteville.

We are now in the process of identifying Soldiers who are originally from the five-county area but served in Companies that didn’t have a large contigent of soldiers from this area.  We are also developing an alphabetical list of all the soldiers for cemetery research.

An Our Ancestors page will be next on the agenda for the Web Page.  This page will provide links to pages on the Confederate Soldiers who are lineal ancestors of Camp Members and collateral ancestors for those who joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans by that relationship.  We look forward to sharing our proud history.

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company G

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company G

Organized in Fayetteville in late 1864

Buie, James D.

Currie, Lochlin W.
Gates, George W.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Baggett, Josiah
Bethea, William C.
Bond, Israel C.
Bramble, James H.
Brown, John B.
Bryant, William R.
Caddle, Corneilers D.
Calder, John W.
Campbell, William Frederick
Carver, Calvin
Clowe, Elijah
Collins, Alfred N.
Cooly, William J.
Davis, John D.
Deal, Andrew J.
Duffie, Alex M.
Easom, William
Edwards, John L.
Evans, James M.
Fort, Wiley
Fowler, Thomas
Frazier, Murdoch
Giersh, Alex E.
Gillis, John A.
Herring, Archibald T.
Holmes, Archibald
Johnston, Baldwin
Jones, Everett
Kinlaw, Ralph W.
Lee, James E.
McArthur, Neill A.
McKethan, Daniel A.
McLean, John A.
McLeod, Archibald
Marsh, James
Mason, Levi
Maultsby, David Shepherd
Pardue, John L.
Porter, Edward W.
Price, Francis M.
Reed, Henry S.
Shaw, F. S.
Spaith, Henry
Spivey, William A.
Straughn, Luther C.
Strickland, Jacob B.
Taylor, William J.
Thomas, Joseph H.
Ward, John
Watson, Richard Buchanan
Welsh, John W.
Welsh, Samuel N.
Whaley, Hiram
Worth, Albert H.

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company E

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company E

Organized in Fayetteville on September 2, 1863

Talley, Martin Van Buren

Ahern, James J.
Battley, William T.
Burkhart, Jerome D.
Eppes, Robert F.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Baker, William H.
Barringer, William R.
Bell, George
Biggs, Daniel
Black, James K.
Blackburn, James G.
Blount, Andrew J.
Boswell, Joseph
Brady, James
Braxley, John
Bruff, John K.
Buie, Hugh
Burkett, Henry
Burkhart, George F.
Campbell, John
Carmichael, Archibald
Carver, Josiah
Clover, R. S.
Clowe, Williard H.
Crow, Nelson M.
Culbreth, Solomon
Curtis, John M.
Driver, Harrison
Elliott, George
Evans, Theophilus
Faircloth, Stephen
Gaddie, Dougald
Hale, David
Hall, James T.
Harper, Charles A.
Harper, George S.
Hawley, John
Henry, J. B.
Jackson, John D.
Jones, Owen Dallas
Kennedy, James
King, J. M.
King, Samuel M.
Kling, Samuel M.
Kyser, Charles S.
Kyser, George W.
Kyser, James H.
Lindsey, Henry M.
Llewellyn, William
Lumsden, Fountain L.
Lumsden, John
McAlpin, Malcom
McDuffie, Archibald
McMillan, Daniel G.
McPhail, Alex
McPhail, Malcolm
Maultsby, John S.
May, Levi J.
Merrick, Marshall T.
Merrick, Shadrack F.
Mitchell, Robert J.
Mitchell, Valentine N.
Monaghan, Joseph
Monaghan, Thomas
Monroe, Dougald
Newbury, Thomas B.
Nicholson, William W.
Palmer, Orrin D.
Parrish, John S.
Parucker, William
Sellars, John T.
Sholar, William H.
Sikes, John A.
Sinclair, James
Suits, Robert L.
Taylor, A. E.
Thornton, Jacob L.
Trollinger, John H.
Turlington, James H.
Valentine, Robert H. C.
Vaughan, John
Warwick, Wiley
Watkins, Thomas P.
Webster, Gurdon F.
Welsh, John W.
West, Hardie
Whaley, Hiram
Whisnant, John D.
Williford, James
Wilson, Noel
Woodle, Darius B.
Woodle, James
Woodward, George W.

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company D

2nd Battalion North Carolina Defense, Company D

Organized at Fayetteville on September 2, 1863

Wemyss, William Proudfoot

Bruff, Richard W.
McDuffie, Robert H.
McInnis, Malcolm
Walton, Samuel J.
Woodward, James F.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Albright, James P.
Albright, John P.
Barclay, William D.
Barrett, Tristam S.
Bolton, William A.
Branch, Robert
Brown, John B.
Bruer, Alston
Burgess, Absalom C.
Burke, Charles D.
Burkett, Richard
Cameron, Alexander McK.
Carter, Amos
Carter, John
Clark, Neill
Costin, William H.
Council, Abed W.
Culbreth, Henry Clay
Culbreth, John
Culbreth, William H.
Deal, Andrew J.
Engle, James D.
Game, Joseph T.
Griffith, Marion L.
Hardin, John
Hines, Clarence
Hines, Edward K.
Hines, Eli J.
Hines, Eli W.
Hollingsworth, William J.
Hornrine, George R.
Hornrine, William J.
Howard, Thomas A.
Jackson, Parmeanus
Johnson, Fleet
Johnson, Malcolm J.
Johnson, William J.
Jones, Elias
Jones, Hardy
Jordan, Alexander
Kennedy, John W.
Kennet, J. F.
Landa, Frank W.
Leggett, Bryant
McCall, Daniel
McDonald, Thomas
McDougald, Alexander C.
McInnis, Neill
McLean, Duncan N.
McNair, William C.
McPhaul, John
Madden, Malachi J.
Madden, Richard
Matthews, James A.
Maultsby, David Shepherd
Maultsby, John W.
Monroe, Neill C.
Monroe, Thomas
Murdock, Andrew
Nance, John W.
Nance, Washington J.
Palmer, Orrin D.
Powers, Michael
Price, Francis M.
Ray, Duncan K.
Reynolds, John W.
Ruark, John H.
Sheetz, Silas
Southerland, Robert
Stratton, Alexander
Vaughn, James C.
Vaughn, Ruffin
Vaughn, Stephen
Ward, George
Watson, Hugh L.
Welker, Daniel C.
Welsh, Samuel N.
Wemyss, Robert
Woods, James C.
Wright, Hiram

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company C

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company C

Organized in Fayetteville on September 2, 1863

Decker, George W.

Bankes, Charles R.
Garrison, Alonzo
Roberts, Charles E.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Ashe, William C.
Beckerdite, Amos F.
Boswell, Thomas
Bowles, William Alexander
Brach, Jordan W.
Brooks, Richard
Brown, James M.
Brown, John D.
Bryant, Irvin
Burch, Anderson M.
Burkart, Jerome D.
Butler, William Daniel
Calhoon, James Archie
Campbell, Henry S.
Claspy, George W.
Clowe, Charles R.
Clowe, John H.
Considine, Michael
Cord, John T.
Curtis, Henderson W.
Davis, Jesse
Denning, Gurdon S.
DeRosset, Thomas C.
Faircloth, Alex
Faircloth, Samuel
Ferrington, John
Foust, George M.
Frazier, Albert
Gales, Solomon
Giersh, Alex E.
Graham, Jesse
Hanks, William H.
Harris, Paschal J.
Hendricks, Alexander J.
Hewitt, Atho
Hewitt, John W.
Holland, Henry C.
Ivey, Richard
Johnson, Matthew
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Wiley F.
Johnston, Baldwin
Jones, David
Jones, Henry
Jones, Nathan
Lewis, McLeod D.
Lockaman, Henderson
McArthur, Neill A.
McGilvray, Edward T.
McMillan, John C.
McNeill, John C.
Martin, John N.
Mason, Alexander
Merrick, James A.
O’Brien, Thomas
Parker, James
Powell, Isham
Powell, James
Powers, Edward P.
Robinson, Thomas J.
Schaarman, Philip
Schilling, John L.
Sellars, Bryant
Sholar, John
Sponcler, Jacob F.
Steel, Samuel H.
Strickland, Henry
Sunday, John L.
Valentine, Benjamin S.
Walker, Albert W.
Watson, Walter
West, Archibald
Widdifield, William
Winkler, Charles A.
Woodward, William J.

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company B

2nd Battalion North Carolina Local Defense, Company B

Organized in August, 1863

Derosset, Armand L.
Taylor, Matthew P.

Monroe, Malcolm N.
Ray, David J.
Ritter, John T.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Autry, Carlton Walker
Autry, George W.
Baggott, William
Baker, Evander
Barfield, Stephen
Blue, John
Boone, Absalom Chestnutt
Bowles, William Alexander
Bradshaw, Charles F.
Bradshaw, John P.
Bray, Thomas B.
Bray, William
Brown, Daniel
Bunce, John Harvey
Burke, Quinton R.
Burkett, Henry
Cameron, John B.
Caveness, Lorenzo D.
Clark, James M.
Cole, John D.
Cooper, Erastus R.
Covington, Eli W.
Crumpler, William E.
Culbreth, Blackman Hawley
Cummings, William
Currie, Angus M.
Deal, Bithone H.
Duncan, Henry J.
Duncan, Joseph D.
Emerson, Isaac M.
Emmerson, Marion F.
Emmerson, William H.
Ewing, Thomas M.
Ezzell, David
Ezzell, Matthew James
Fisher, James G.
Fisher, Joseph G.
Garris, Albert C.
Grice, William D.
Gunter, Napoleon B.
Hall, Charles H.
Hall, Gaston
Hall, John R.
Hall, Livingston
Hall, Wiley
Hancock, William H.
Hatch, Orren
Herring, Erastus
Herrington, John E.
Hilliard, Daniel C.
Hodges, Amos C.
Holland, Blueman
Holland, Nicholas
Holt, John S.
Howell, James K.
Johnson, Charles K.
Johnson, Charles M.
Johnson, Daniel J.
Johnson, Josiah Joseph
Johnson, William D.
Kelly, Myrover
Lambert, Chasley M.
Lambert, George H.
Laurence, Sion H.
Ledbetter, Abner
Leippo, William D.
Lewis, Henry H.
Lewis, Robert L.
McArtan, Colin
McArthur, Daniel
McAuley, James R.
McDiarmid, Joseph A.
McDonald, James K.
McDugald, Evander
McGregor, Malcolm J.
McGugan, Daniel B.
McKenzie, James M.
McKethan, John G.
McKinnan, Hector T.
McLean, William A.
McLemore, Haywood
McLemore, James C.
McMillan, Neill
McNeill, Hector L.
Malone, James
Marsh, James
Mashburn, Thomas
Mason, James C.
Matthews, Benjamin
Mobly, Charles M.
Moffitt, John H.
Moffitt, Randolph
Moore, William T.
Morgan, James A.
Morley, Daniel J.
Morely, John C.
Morris, Daniel A.
Odom, James W.
Pate, Alexander
Pate, James
Phillips, Atlas G.
Phillips, Benjamin Y.
Pickett, Winfield S.
Priest, Allen
Ray, Gilbert G.
Robinson, Abner
Roe, Charles A.
Simmonds, Miles C.
Sloan, William T.
Smith, Whitson
Smith, William
Smith, William J.
Starling, Sothey J.
Stedman, David M.
Stewart, Murdock
Straughon, George W.
Suggs, Lewis O.
Tally, George M. D.
Tew, Loudin
Thomas, John B.
Thomas, Sackfield F.
Thompson, William M.
Turner, Cicero
Tyson, Aaron
Usher, Edwin T.
Ward, James
Watson, David Mac
Williams, Blackmon
Williams, James D.
Womack, Romalus M.