Private Isaac Eason Memorial

One of the visitors to our website graciously provided the Cumberland Plough Boys a donation in the memory of her 3rd Great Grandfather, Private Isaac Eason.   Private Eason served in the 38th North Carolina Regiment, Company K (“The Carolina Boys”).


It is the privilege of the Camp to be able to honor all of those who fought and served the Confederacy from the area.  We have undertaken a huge task, The Confederate Soldiers Project, which involves preparing a web page on each soldier, providing information on their family, and burial location if known.  It is our goal to honor the soldier, and to make it easier for their descendants to find information on them.

We appreciate those who support us financially in our efforts.


Isaac Eason

Isaac Eason
1823 – November 9, 1897

Alternate Spelling: Isaac Easom
1860 Residence: Harnett County, NC

Military Record
January 27, 1862 – Enlisted at Harnett County, NC
38th North Carolina Regiment, Company K
Rank: Private
May-June 1862 – Listed as a Deserter
November 11, 1862 – Returned to Duty
Present or Accounted for through October 1864

James Curtis Eason 1800
Charlotte Moore 1802

Mary Eason 1832
Catherine Eason 1834
David Curtis Eason 1835-1904         19th NC Co D
John E. Eason 1837-1907        19th NC Co D

Lucretia Ryals 1825-1897

Rebecca Eliza Eason 1845-1921
Mary Eason 1847-1932
Catherine Eason 1850-1915
Henry Eason 1858-1940
Spicy Annie Eason 1864-1929
James C. Eason 1866-1935
Louisa Eason 1869-1930