W. S. Jackson to Command Plough Boys in 2013

Commander W. S. Jackson

Commander W. S. Jackson

W. S. Jackson has been elected to serve as Commander of the Cumberland Plough Boys for the next year.  The Annual Meeting of Camp 2187 occurs every January and culminates in the election of officers for the next year.  Past Commander Mark Whitley completed his second consecutive term which is the most allowed by Camp By-Laws.

Joining Commander Jackson on the Executive Council is 1st Lieutenant Commander Ken Bell, 2nd Lieutenant Commander David Vinson, Adjutant Mark Whitley, and Judge Advocate Fitz Johnston.  The Judge Advocate is an appointed position and serves as the fifth member of the council when the Past Commander holds another elected position or is unable to fill the position.

Commander Jackson has already made the following appointments:

Chaplain – Greg Maxwell
Color Sergeant – Mike Willis
Quartermaster – Dwight Lovick
Assistant Quartermaster – Jackie Ware
Assistant Quartermaster – Mack Eason
Drill Sergeant – Ronnie Horne

Other appointments may be forthcoming.

Nathan Williams

Nathan Williams
March 12, 1827 – November 21, 1910

1860 Residence: Dismal, Sampson County, North Carolina

3rd Great Grandfather of Jackie Ware

Military Record
October 8, 1864 – Enlisted at Clinton, NC
3rd North Carolina Detailed Men, Captain George L. Giddens’s Company
Rank: Private

Daniel Williams 1783-1863
Mary Maxwell 1792-1844
Jennett Williams 1821-1878
James Daniel Williams 1823-1864    51st NC, Co I

Catherine Carter Matthews 1834-1910

David James Williams 1852-1913
John D. Williams 1853-1906
Mary Catherine Williams 1856-1935
Elizabeth Ann Williams 1858-1938
William Wesley Williams 1862-1932
Nathan Edward Williams 1865-1954
Raiford Williams 1867-1898
Rebecca Jane Williams 1869-1877

Original Burial was in Matthews Family Cemetery
Stones moved to Minson M. Williams Memorial Cemetery
Near Maxwell Road & Welcome School Road Intersection
Sampson County, NC

John Morehead Bruton

John Morehead Bruton
August 15, 1842 – August 20, 1918

1860 Residence: Brutons, Montgomery County, North Carolina

2nd Great Grandfather of Jackie Ware

Military Record
March 1, 1862 – Enlisted at Montgomery County, NC
44th North Carolina Regiment, Company H
Rank: Private
July 20, 1862 – Promoted to Corporal
March 1863-October 1864 – Reduced in Rank to Private
October 14, 1864 – Deserted to the Enemy
Released on an unspecified date after taking the Oath of Allegiance

David Bruton 1794-1873
Nancy Chambers 1799-1865

Caroline N. Bruton 1819-1890
Jane Smith Bruton 1822-1886
Calvin Jones Bruton 1827-1886
James Colwell Bruton 1831-1865
Elizabeth Ozier Bruton 1835-1913
David Alexander Bruton 1837-1916
William E. Bruton 1840-1918
Eliza E. Bruton 1846-1913
Sarah A. Bruton 1855

Lucy Jane Haywood 1838-1915

John Bruton 1861-1946
Jefferson Davis Bruton 1861-1924
Annie E. Bruton 1865
Louisa J. Bruton 1867
Willie W. Bruton 1868
John David Bruton 1869-1951
Julia Bruton 1871
Robert C. Bruton 1874
Hattie Bruton 1878