Major Jonathan Evans Grave Located

Exciting News!!!!!   The grave of Major Jonathan Evans, the first Captain of the Plough Boys, was located by Mike Willis.  The cemetery is located off Evans Dairy Road.   He was the first Commanding Officer of the Plough Boys, but was quickly promoted to Major of the 24th Regiment.  The graves of all three Captains of the Cumberland Plough Boys have now been found.

Jonathan Evans Grave

Jonathan Evans Grave


Jonathan Evans

Jonathan Evans
March 18, 1838 –  March 5, 1892

1860 Residence: Cumberland County, NC

Military Record
June 1, 1861 – Appointed Captain
24th North Carolina Regiment, Company F
July 16, 1861 – Elected Major
transferred to the 24th North Carolina Regiment, Field & Staff
May 16, 1862 – Defeated for Re-election

Jonathan Evans 1784-1859
Elizabeth Smith 1796-1876

Isabella Evans 1814-1835
David Evans 1816-1820
Mary Evans 1818-1834
Jane Smith Evans 1820-1886
Ann Eliza Evans 1823-1824
John Smith Evans 1825-1836
Robert A. Evans 1826-1836
William Augustus Evans 1828
Erasmus Hervey Evans 1830-1879
Emily Guthrie Evans 1832-1918
Mary Isabella Evans 1836-1855
James Smith Evans 1843-1918      24th NC, Co F

Douglass Wright  1838-1871

Jonathan Evans 1860
Bettie Wright Evans 1864-1942
Mary Evans 1866
Leslie Ballard Evans 1869-1936

Evans Family Cemetery
Evans Dairy Road
Cumberland County, NC

Jonathan Evans Grave

Jonathan Evans Grave