Daniel Maxwell Culbreth

Daniel Maxwell Culbreth
October 13, 1820-February 21, 1865

Alternate Spelling: Daniel McCulbreth
1860 Residence: Dismal District, Sampson County


3rd Great Grandfather of Floyd Starling
4th Great Grandfather of David Starling

Military Record
September 13, 1863 – Enlisted in Sampson County
36th North Carolina Regiment, 3rd Company B
also known as 2nd North Carolina Artillery, 3rd Company B
Rank: Private
January 15, 1865 – Captured at Fort Fisher
Confined at Elmira, NY
February 21, 1865 – Died of Diarrhea

Daniel Culbreth 1780-1830
Mary B. Maxwell 1780-1832

John B. Culbreth 1800-1854
Tomzelle Culbreth 1802-1834
Millzy Adeline Culbreth 1803
Isaac Culbreth 1815-1900

Jannett Maxwell 1821-1895

John Culbreth 1842-1889
William Love Culbreth 1844-1894
Daniel Culbreth 1847-1852
Rebecca Martha Culbreth 1850-1929
Tomzilla Culbreth 1852-1913
Love Culbreth 1854-1860
Mary Culbreth 1858-1911
Virginia Culbreth 1861-1940

Children by Other Relationships
James Culbreth Autry 1841-1864
Charles H. Hall 1841-1907
Arabella Faircloth 1841
William Faircloth 1849

Woodlawn National Cemetery
Elmira, New York

Daniel Maxwell Culbreth Grave

Daniel Maxwell Culbreth Grave

Our Ancestors

Ancestors of The Cumberland Plough Boys Camp 2187

Allen, Turner
Askew, Amos William
Autry, Daniel
Autry, Miles Costin
Bain, Angus Graham
Batten, Ransom
Beard, Daniel D.
Beard, James Robert
Beard, Neill
Beasley, Ephraim Oxford
Boushee, Consider
Bowman, Abel
Brown, Gregory
Bruton, John Morehead
Bryant, Major
Buffkin, Redding Richmond
Buie, Malcolm James Jr.
Burchett, Irvin Robert
Carty, King Solomon
Culbreth, Daniel Maxwell
Dennis, William Henry

Draughon, Garry Bright
Dunn, Cephus McGowan
Dunn, Joseph Samuel
Eason, Benjamin T.
Edge, Leonard
Ezzell, John King
Ezzell, Lovett James
Faircloth, Isaiah
Ferrell, Elias
Ferrell, Gabriel
Fisher, John Henry
Frazier, Ransom Bryant
Gardner, Owen James
Hair, Martin Van Buren

Hall, Drew
Hall, Robert
Hall, William James
Hamrick, Charles Jefferson
Hatcher, Thomas M.
Hinnant, James H.
Holland, Thomas James
Horne, David
House, Redding
Hubbard, John Harold
Hyde, Jason S.
Jackson, Wiley Calvin
Johnson, Daniel Mack
Johnson, Daniel Nelson
Mangum, Priestly M.
Mitchell, John Alexander
New, John T.
Nunnery, Amos
Odom, Phillip E.
Odum, Ferdinand Gibson
Owens, Gabriel

Price, John Charles
Ray, Gilbert Carmichael
Sikes, Edmund Lafayette
Strickland, David
Strickland, Rubin
Strickland, Samuel
Sutton, John Bunyon
Taylor, John Pickney
Tew, Phillip Alexander
Thames, Calvin
Vinson, Samuel
Warren, James Calvin
Watson, Noah
West, Henry James
Whaley, John James
Whitley, David
Whitley, Micajah
Williams, Blackmon
Williams, Nathan
Willis, Francis Marion
Willis, Isaac Sims
Wilson, Francis Marion

51st North Carolina Regiment, Company C

Duplin Stars
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company C

Enlisted in Duplin County in March 1862

51st Regimental Flag

51st Regimental Flag

Allen, William A.
Stanford, Samuel M.
Watson, Edward L.

Branch, James G.
Houston, Hiram V.
James, Robinson C.
Sullivan, Andrew McI.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Albertson, Peter H.
Alphin, Daniel J.
Alphin, William
Atwood, Joel P.
Bass, E. C.
Blanton, Moses
Bostick, Daniel
Bostick, Daniel J.
Bostick, David R.
Bostick, Elijah
Bowden, William B.
Branch, Thomas
Caison, Lewis
Caison, William B.
Carroll, Robert J.
Carter, Leonard H.
Chesnutt, John K.
Chestnutt, D. J.
Chestnutt, Grantlin Franklin
Chestnutt, Nicholas P.
Cottle, W. Henry
Crossland, Sabastian T.
Cummings, James M.
Dail, Julius V.
Dail, Lemuel L.
Dail, Thomas F.
Dail, W. M.
Ezzell, Thomas
Feadwell, W. C.
Fields, William B.
Fussell, William H.
Garner, Francis M.
Garner, Simeon
Gaum, Daniel H.
Grady, D.
Grady, Frederick
Grady, William Henry
Groves, George F.
Hall, Edward James
Hunter, Hogan
Hussey, John E.
James, David Hinton
James, John J.
James, Kenneth
Jones, James
Jones, Jonas
Jones, Lewis R.
Jones, Nathan J.
Jones, William
Keathley, Archelaus
Keathley, Elisha Herring
Keathly, Lewis
Kimmy, James M.
Lanier, Hosea F.
Lanier, Joseph J.
Lee, William Bizzell
McGee, James W.
McLean, Eli
Mathis, Benjamin D.
Mathis, Bryan
Mathis, Fleet C.
Mathis, Jacob Edward
Mathis, Luther R.
Mathis, Peyton P.
Mathis, Thomas B.
Merritt, Alsa
Merritt, Hiram
Merritt, Hubbard
Merritt, Levi
Merritt, Lewis William
Merritt, Robert
Merritt, Robert Hooks
Miller, William H.
Millis, Alonzo
Mills, Joseph D.
Moore, Thomas McGee
Owens, Gabriel
Page, John E.
Parnel, Isaac
Peterson, W. S.
Pickett, John L.
Price, Eden
Price, Joel
Pugh, William E.
Quinn, Ichabod
Reaves, Timothy
Register, James E.
Register, Richard J.
Register, Robert Marshal
Rivenbark, Benjamin R.
Robinson, Josiah
Robinson, William E.
Rodgers, J. E.
Sauls, William J.
Sikes, Charles M.
Southerland, Abraham
Southerland, Bryan
Southerland, George N.
Southerland, James
Southerland, Thomas J.
Stanford, George W.
Stanford, Henry C.
Stanford, Leonidas
Stevens, John T.
Sullivan, Adam
Sullivan, Elias
Sullivan, Lemuel L.
Summerlin, David C.
Summerlin, James Louis
Summerlin, John D.
Summerlin, John J.
Summerlin, Levi
Summerlin, Thomas
Taylor, John F.
Taylor, Kenan
Taylor, Mitchell
Taylor, Paul
Thomas, John Ivey
Turner, David W.
Umberger, C. W.
Wade, Clark M.
Waters, J. E.
Watkins, Robert R.
Watson, David R.
Whaley, Braddock
Whitfield, Benjamin H.
Whitfield, J. T.
Wilson, James D.

2nd North Carolina Junior Reserves, Company A

2nd North Carolina Junior Reserves, Company A

Raised in Wayne, Sampson, and Duplin Counties on April 16, 1864

Hicks, Albert R.
McKinne, David Edward

Draughon, James Walter
Murray, Hugh F.
Smith, Buckner H.

Non-Commissioned Officer and Privates
Autry, John Slocumb
Barbrey, John
Barbrey, William A.
Barefoot, Noah B.
Barefoot, Redding
Barnes, Andrew Jackson
Barnes, Benjamin
Barnes, John H.
Barnes, Perry
Bass, Richard Washington
Beaman, John Allen
Bentfraud, M.
Best, William C.
Bishop, Robert H.
Blue, Zackery T.
Boney, Wimbrook A.
Boykin, S. D.
Brock, G.T
Bullard, James L.
Butler, John
Butler, Oliver
Byrd, Timothy
Caison, Thomas Hillery
Carroll, Stephen S.
Carter, Lewis H.
Casey, David B.
Casey, Richard F.
Casteen, Kenan
Cavenaugh, Stephen H.
Chestnutt, James W.
Chestnutt, Marshal B.
Cooper, Uriah
Copeland, Dempsey
Cottle, John William Thomas
Culbreth, John B.
Dail, Henry
Daly, George B.
Daniel, John D.
Denmark, James William
Dickson, W.
Dixon, M.
Draughon, James Walter
Draughon, Robert Alexander
Drew, Christopher H.
Edwards, William D.
Everitt, David E.
Ezzell, John W.
Faircloth, Harphrey
Faircloth, Nathan
Fann, Doctor Alsworth
Farrior, George
Ferrell, P.
Fields, Henry L.
Fountain, Alsey J.
Fowler, Haynes Lennon
Game, V. D.
Garris, Howell
Garvey, Thomas S.
Godwin, Simeon
Graham, John
Hall, John A.
Ham, Matthew Jordan
Hare, Blackman
Hargrove, John A.
Hargrove, Kinian Wesley
Harris, Zachariah
Herring, A. R.
Herring, William J.
Holland, John J.
Hollingsworth, Owen J.
Hollomon, Griffin
Holmes, William Vernon
Honeycutt, B. L.
Honeycutt, Reddin
Hood, David C.
Hooks, Jesse
Horn, John A.
Howard, Robert W.
Howell, Freeman
Jackson, Solomon Love
Jackson, Stephen B.
Jernigan, Stephen
Jones, John S.
Jordan, David F.
Knowles, Michael W.
Langston, George M. D.
Lanier, Eyrie T.
Lanier, Stephen
Lee, James M.
Lewis, Major J.
Lewis, Urban
Lewis, William T.
Litle, A.
Lockamy, D. A.
Lockamy, Daniel James
McDaniel, James
McLenny, James W.
Marshall, R. J.
Mathis, James K. Polk
Maxwell, Whitford J.
Murphy, Henry Repton
Odum, John C.
Page, Wiley M.
Pate, Frank H.
Pate, J. H.
Pate, Sherrard H.
Pate, Stephen W.
Pate, William
Pipkin, Moses
Purvis, Langdon Ferdinand
Rackley, William Franklin
Raiford, Benjamin Braxton
Reaves, John Robert
Rellett, W. R.
Richardson, Vinton
Robinson, Thaddeus D.
Rochelle, Z. A.
Rogers, H.
Rogers, John H.
Royal, Gabriel H.
Royal, Harden E.
Scholas, C. C.
Scott, John F.
Sessoms, James
Sessoms, Jordan
Sessoms, Marshall H.
Sessoms, Uriah
Simmons, Sion
Smith, John W.
Southerner, F. H.
Spell, James M.
Steiner, J. T.
Strickland, Timothy
Teachey, Stephen B.
Tew, Daniel Washington
Tew, Jesse
Tindal, Costin
Vann, William J.
Vinson, Thomas
Weeks, Sampson M.
West, Henry Clay
Williams, Daniel A.
Williams, Daniel S.
Williams, Joseph Sutton

Confederate Soldiers Project

The Confederate Soldiers Project is officially underway.   The List of Confederate Companies is now posted, along with the Soldiers who comprise those companies.  This is the first step in what is expected to be a decade long project of identifying and recording the military and family information on all the Confederate Soldiers from the five-county area surrounding Fayetteville.

We are now in the process of identifying Soldiers who are originally from the five-county area but served in Companies that didn’t have a large contigent of soldiers from this area.  We are also developing an alphabetical list of all the soldiers for cemetery research.

An Our Ancestors page will be next on the agenda for the Web Page.  This page will provide links to pages on the Confederate Soldiers who are lineal ancestors of Camp Members and collateral ancestors for those who joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans by that relationship.  We look forward to sharing our proud history.

8th North Carolina Senior Reserves, Callihan’s Company

8th Regiment North Carolina Senior Reserves
Capt. David Callihan’s Company

Organized at Elizabethtown on May 14, 1864

Callihan, David

Dyson, James Hamilton
Hester, Joseph III
Williamson, R. A.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Allen, Hugh
Barnhill, J. P.
Benton, William
Bigford, William Jeremiah
Blue, John F.
Bowden, Buckner
Brisson, Anthony Jr.
Brisson, Isham
Brown, Daniel N.
Bryant, A. J.
Bryant, William J.
Burk, J. T.
Cain, James W.
Cain, John Wesley
Callihan, James M.
Cashwell, Nevill
Clark, Neill
Council, David J.
Council, John T.
Cox, James Benjamin
Cox, Jesse S.
Currie, Neill
Davis, Edward
Davis, Timothy
Davis, William J.
Duncan, Samuel
Edmond, John H.
Edwards, Roland
Evans, Samuel
Evans, William J.
Formyduval, J.J. Damosthenes
Fowler, Enoch
Fowler, Isaac
Garrell, Samuel
George, Lewis
Gooden, James
Gore, John Homer
Griffin, A. F.
Guyton, Joseph
Guyton, Paris L.
Hall, Enoch
Harper, John H.
Hasket, J. D.
Hester, Job
Hilburn, Tryon H.
Hinson, Arrington
Jacobs, William C.
Jenerette, Peter Poitevint
Johnson, Caleb
Lennon, Wright
Long, James
Lytle, J. P.
McColskey, George
McDaniel, John
McDonald, A. J.
McKiney, J. M.
McLean, John
McMillan, Iver
McNorton, James
Mitchell, James R.
Nance, Joseph J.
Nobles, Joshua
Norris, John
Norris, John B.
Norris, Solomon W.
Parker, Malcom
Pate, James
Peterson, Isham John
Powell, Jackson W.
Priest, Neill
Rodgers, Noah H.
Sessoms, John
Shepherd, James S.
Sibbett, Simon
Simpson, Hugh
Smith, Laban
Soles, Jordan Monroe
Spivey, Jesse
Squires, Henry Pridgen
Squires, William Buchanan
Stevens, James
Stone, N. S.
Sutton, William Tistel
Thompson, T. C.
Ward, Jesse
Ward, Joseph
Ward, Joshua H.
Ward, Robert
Ward, William
Watts, Eli
Williams, Rhesa E.
Willis, Isaac Sims
Worley, Nicholas Coleman

8th North Carolina Senior Reserves, Bryan’s Company

8th North Carolina Senior Reserves
Captain William H. Bryan’s Company

Raised in Sampson County in May, 1864

Bryan, William Hardy

Barden, John
Bridgers, Robert D.
Melvin, John B.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Archibald, Mathis
Autry, Blackman
Autry, Hardy
Averitt, Daniel
Bagget, John
Barbrey, Allen B.
Barefoot, Bright
Baucum, John
Bennett, William
Boney, Daniel
Butler, Mathew
Butler, Wilie
Cain, Robert
Campbell, John H.
Carter, Owen
Chestnutt, Charles
Chestnutt, Daniel
Chestnutt, James E.
Chestnutt, Kibby
Crumpler, Bluman H.
Crumpler, George W.
Crumpler, John H.
Crumpler, Mathew
Culbreth, Marshal
Daniel, A. J.
Daniel, Calvin J.
Deal, Eleazar
Dudley, Henry
Ezzell, Michael
Ezzell, William J.
Faircloth, Lillington
Faison, William H.
Glisson, Benjamin
Godwin, John
Grice, David
Hale, Duncin
Herring, George W.
Hire, John C.
Hobbs, William
Holland, Harfrey
Hope, Jesse
Horn, Joel
Huneycut, William B.
Ingram, William
Jackson, Thomas A.
Keen, John A.
Lee, Erasmus B.
Lee, William
Lewis, James M.
Lockamy, Hugh J.
McDaniel, John
McKenzie, William R.
McLamb, Isham
McLamb, Thomas
McPhail, Alexander
Mathis, Shadrack
Norris, Andrew
Parsons, Ollen Mably
Parsons, W. B.
Peterson, James N.
Rackly, Archibald
Register, Travis
Rich, Hawood
Sessoms, John E.
Smith, Patric
Smith, William
Strickland, John A.
Tew, Henry
Tew, Osburn
Tew, Wiley
Thornton, Thomas A.
Tindall, Peter
Underwood, Jacob
Warren, John C.
Williams, Thomas
Williams, Uriah
Williford, Warren
Wrench, Hugh Larkin

3rd North Carolina Detailed Men, Gidden’s Company

Captain George L. Gidden’s Company
3rd Regiment North Carolina Detailed Men

Organized in Sampson County on October 8, 1864

Giddens, George L.

King, David
McPhail, Isaiah
Williford, James M.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Autry, Alexander
Autry, Blackman
Barefoot, Bright
Bass, Shepard
Bennett, William
Boyett, William H.
Britt, Hardy G.
Bullard, James Leonard
Butler, John A.
Butler, Oliver
Butler, Wiley
Cooper, John R.
Crumpler, Alexander
Crumpler, Bluman H.
Darden, Lewis H.
Darden, Owen
Draughon, Robert Alexander
Dudley, Henry
Dudley, William W.
Fann, Doctor Alsworth
Glisson, Benjamin
Godwin, David
Grice, David
Hall, John A.
Hays, Dempsey H.
Hill, Uriah
Hodges, Henry H.
Holland, Harfrey
Honeycutt, William B.
Hope, Jesse
Howard, John Oliver
Jackson, Ollin
Jackson, Solomon Love
Jackson, Thomas N.
Jernigan, Budd
Jernigan, Josiah
Jernigan, Leavis
Jones, Reuel
Layton, Handy W.
Lee, Blackman
Lee, Elam
Lee, Erasmus B.
Lee, William
Lewis, James M.
Lockamy, Hugh J.
McLamb, George
McLamb, Nathan
Maxwell, Whitford J.
Naylor, John
Parsons, Oliver H.
Parsons, William Pitt
Raynor, Ferney
Spell, Jacob H.
Starling, Nathan
Starling, Seth
Strickland, Elbert Jr.
Strickland, John A.
Sutton, John Brown
Sutton, Lewis
Sutton, William Rufus
Tart, Whitfield Sr.
Tew, Daniel Washington
Tew, Henry
Thornton, James T.
Tindall, Peter
Vann, Henry
West, Albert
West, William H.
Williams, Nathan
Williford, Warren
Wise, Griffin
Wrench, Hugh Larkin
Wrench, Joseph

46th North Carolina Regiment, Company I

Coharie Guards
46th North Carolina Regiment, Company I

Enlisted in Clinton in March 1862

Holmes, Owen

Herring, Isaiah
Herring, John D.
McLamb, Minson
Owens, Thomas
White, Oliver P.
Wright, John Cromartie

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Autry, Allen M.
Autry, Philip
Baggett, Josiah
Bagley, James H.
Barden, Allen Stephen
Bass, Willis
Boykin, Solomon
Bradshaw, John R.
Branch, Lucian C.
Butler, John A.
Butler, William
Caison, Jacob Price
Canady, John R.
Carroll, James L.
Carter, John S.
Carter, McElvany C.
Carter, William H.
Cooper, Andrew Jackson
Cooper, Thomas
Crumpler, William E.
Ezzell, Henry F.
Ezzell, James E.
Ezzell, John B.
Ezzell, Michael J.
Faircloth, Jacob
Faircloth, James
Faircloth, Zachariah
Gautier, Thomas
Giles, David J.
Hair, Daniel
Hair, James D.
Hair, John C.
Hair, Stephen
Hair, Thomas Evans
Hair, Wiley T.
Hall, Lucian J.
Herring, Alexander Thomas
Highsmith, Lewis W.
Holland, Daniel
Holland, Henry Y. C.
Holland, Joel
Holmes, Gabriel
Honeycutt, Hiram
Honeycutt, Philip Henry
Honeycutt, William B.
Howard, David S.
Howard, James A. R.
Howard, John T.
Howard, William O.
Hudson, Alfred
Hudson, Henry H.
Hudson, Solomon
Hudson, William M.
Jackson, Matthew E.
Jackson, Wiley Calvin
Jordan, Charles S.
King, Michael S.
Lewis, James M.
Lockamy, Nathan
Lockamy, Robert Owen
Lockamy, William N.
Lucas, Sherrod
McGee, George W.
McKenzie, Benjamin
McLamb, George
McLamb, Isham
McLamb, William Henry
McPhail, Daniel Jr.
Malone, Willis
Naylor, John
Naylor, Orrell
Owen, John B.
Owen, Lucian
Parker, Thomas H.
Parsons, Oliver H.
Peterson, Rufus K.
Pope, Alexander
Porter, John H.
Royal, Archibald
Royal, Hardy E.
Royal, Isham
Royal, John
Royal, Matthew
Sessoms, Arthur
Sessoms, Isaac
Sessoms, Isaiah
Simmons, Evan
Spell, Abner Hopton
Spell, John D.
Spell, Owen
Spell, Owen H.
Spell, Robert Lewis
Spell, William
Sutton, Oates
Tadlock, William S.
Tart, John A.
Tatum, George
Tew, Daniel
Tew, Daniel L.
Tew, Lewis Jr.
Tew, Richard
Tew, Silas
Turner, Thomas
Tyndall, William Sloan
Vann, Henry
Wallace, Robert
Warren, Burrell
White, Harmon
White, James E.
Williamson, Allen

38th North Carolina Regiment, Company D

Sampson Plowboys
38th North Carolina, Company D

Enlisted in Sampson County on October 22, 1861

Ashford, John Thomas
Darden, Henry C.
Faison, William E.

Bell, Robert R.
Bradshaw, Sion A.
Darden, Joseph A.
Darden, Joseph W.
King, Allen D.
Morisey, Owen B.
Robinson, John M.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Arnett, J. Giles
Bargess, J. M.
Barnes, Coleman J.
Belch, Alexander
Bell, Bryant James
Bell, Robert Cicero
Bowen, Jesse J.
Boyett, Elias D.
Boyett, Ezekiel M.
Boyett, J. W.
Bradshaw, Jesse
Braxtwell, Edward
Brewer, William E.
Brewington, Daniel
Britt, Edward
Britt, William H.
Brown, Arthur B.
Brown, R. H.
Bullard, Marshall
Bullard, Nathan
Caison, John R.
Camden, S. H.
Campbell, T. L.
Canter, Stephen
Carpenter, L. J.
Carr, Gabriel
Carr, George W.
Carr, Thomas R.
Clifton, Francis Asbury
Clute, Giles
Cobb, Wiley
Cooper, David Young
Cooper, Thomas
Cox, John
Cummins, J. M.
Daughtery, Henry M.
Elkins, Jonathan
Finch, C. F.
Fletcher, J. B.
Gilbert, Simon P.
Godwin, David
Goodman, John H.
Grice, David
Guy, Thomas J.
Hair, Daniel J.
Haise, John H.
Hobbs, George W.
Hobbs, William H.
Holland, Ruffin
Honeycutt, Reddin
House, John H.
House, Redding
Jackson, James Fellows
Jackson, Kelly W.
Jackson, Monk L.
Jackson, Wiley C.
King, E.
King, James W.
King, Nathan J.
King, Richard J.
King, William J.
Lanier, Alexander
Ledbetter, J. F.
Ledbetter, Z. J.
Lee, Army J. H.
Lee, John C.
Lewis, Isaac
Lewis, Nathan J.
Lockamy, D. A.
Lockamy, Moses T.
Lucas, Stephen
McClenny, Lewis
McClure, Bermudus
McCullen, Mack
New, Daniel J.
Nixon, G. W.
Odom, Alvin
Odom, Thomas
Odum, William
Persithe, Joseph P.
Ramsour, Edward G.
Reaves, John B.
Rentfrow, Ruffin
Rich, Isham
Rich, John
Roberts, Needham
Robinson, Sion
Salmon, F. M.
Salmon, J. T.
Shipp, Ephraim S.
Shipp, James
Shipp, Richard
Shipp, Robert
Smith, William
Sollis, John J.
Stack, L. T.
Stephens, John O.
Stevens, John A.
Stevens, William David
Strickland, Rufus G.
Stroup, Rufus
Sutton, Moses
Tew, John A.
Tew, Osborn
Thompson, David A.
Tindal, Costin
Tyndall, Jeremiah Washington
Vernon, George
Warren, Henry M.
Warren, William T.
Weeks, Benjamin A.
Weeks, John A.
Weeks, Sampson
Wells, James
Whicker, E.
Wilkins, James H.
Williams, Daniel J.
Williams, William H.
Wise, James W.
Wyatt, Wiley