38th North Carolina Regiment, Company C

Sampson Farmers
38th North Carolina, Company C

Enlisted in Sampson County on October 18, 1861

Blanton, William M.
Chesnutt, Owen L.
Troublefield, Peter Bernice
Wilson, John Thomas

Allen, Rufus F.
Benton, James H.
Brewer, Edward
Bryan, Josiah H.
Cooke, Euclid M.
Daughtry, George L.
Hudson, Hinton J.
Weeks, Hosea J.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Andrews, Henry A.
Andrews, William A.
Baker, Eli R.
Baker, Jonas
Barnett, Benjamin T.
Bass, Edin
Bass, Everett T.
Bass, John L
Bass, Shepherd
Bass, William E.
Bennett, Robert
Best, George W.
Blackman, Samson
Boyett, Frederick
Brewer, Wiley
Britt, James J.
Bryan, R. B. W.
Buff, Joseph
Butler, Haywood
Campbell, John S.
Carpenter, Henry
Cellis, Calvin
Coates, Jordan
Cobb, Reddin
Coggins, Isham
Coggins, Zachariah
Cook, James
Cotton, John B.
Cotton, Nathan H.
Craddock, John H.
Crow, Elijah Melton Pinckney
Daughtry, Solomon B.
Davis, Robert
Eaker, Daniel
Freeland, George J.
Freeland, Thomas L.
Glisson, David
Glisson, William
Godwin, Handy Haywood
Grimes, William H.
Gurley, Lemuel
Hager, William A.
Hair, Stephen
Hall, Edwin A.
Hargrove, George
Hearn, David W.
Heavner, W. A.
Herring, John O.
Herring, Stephen B.
Hill, John H.
Hobbs, George W.
Holingsworth, John W.
Hollingsworth, William B.
House, Alexander
House, Elisha
House, Hardy
House, Henry
House, James Franklin
House, William H.
Hudson, John T.
Hullett, Daniel
Jackson, Lewis
Jackson, Ollen M.
Jackson, Randol R.
Jackson, William B.
Johnson, Edmond
Johnson, T. C.
Keene, Wiley O.
King, John C.
King, M. S.
Lindsay, John DeVaughn
Loftlin, George
McCleney, Josiah
McCullin, Asher
McCullin, William Archibald
McIntire, Andrew J.
McLamb, William
McLeod, Henry Y.
Martin, George W.
Martin, J. M.
Mauney, James R.
Morris, Thomas
Murchison, Murdock D.
Myers, John T.
Patterson, Thomas
Patton, Benjamin C.
Patton, Henry W.
Pope, Joseph A.
Pope, William H.
Pope, William H. H.
Proctor, Bennet
Pursley, Samuel M.
Ragsdale, F. C.
Ragsdale, Jesse C.
Ratchford, Moses
Ratchford, Robert Martin
Royall, William B.
Russell, Pleasant
Sanderson, Jesse S.
Shires, James M.
Simpson, Richard
Smith, James T.
Smith, Richard A.
Smith, Thomas D.
Stith, Robert B.
Strickland, William
Suggs, Isaac
Sutton, Benjamin
Sutton, Calvin J.
Sutton, John B.
Sutton, Lewis
Sutton, Stephen W.
Sutton, William R.
Sutton, William Thomas
Tew, William R.
Turnage, William B.
Vann, Marshall
Walker, John W.
Warlick, Lawson A.
Warren, Malcomb
Warren, Reuben
Warren, Samson
Warwick, James H.
Warwick, Owen
West, John H.
Westbrook, William J.
White, George W.
White, J. B.
White, John
Willis, Jesse
Willis, Peter

30th North Carolina Regiment, Company A

Sampson Rangers
30th North Carolina Regiment, Company A

Enlisted in Sampson County on April 20, 1861

Faison, Franklin J.
Holmes, James C.
Williams, Gary F.

Blalock, William A.
Marsh, George Washington
Moseley, Robert A.
Patrick, Cornelius
Sillers, William W.
Stevens, Charles T.
White, Lallister M.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Allman, Gideon
Alsbrook, S. C.
Armstrong, John O.
Autry, William
Baggot, James W.
Bass, William E.
Bell, Robert
Benton, Bradley C.
Bizzell, Agiffe
Boon, Stephen
Boon, Sylvester
Boone, Nicholas
Boswell, William H.
Bradshaw, Owen Kilby
Bradshaw, Robert M.
Bradshaw, William Kinan
Brewer, Abraham H.
Bridges, Joseph
Brown, George E.
Bunting, Thomas Owen
Burkhardt, Fred
Butler, Edward N.
Butler, George C.
Butler, Hartwell
Butler, James R.
Butler, Joseph
Butler, Raiford D.
Clarkson, Thomas M.
Clarkson, Thomas N.
Cobb, Obed B.
Cox, Robert Gaston
Crumpler, James M.
Crumpler, Robert Mathew Sr.
Currie, John Bethune
Dixon, J. M.
Dove, Monroe
Draughon, George H.
Draughon, Miles S.
Draughon, William Bright
Dudley, Michael S.
Dudley, William W.
Duncan, Charles W.
Duncan, James D.
Dunn, David W.
Faircloth, John
Faircloth, John L.
Frizeland, Jacob
Gilbert, Willis
Godwin, Nathan H.
Goodrich, James T.
Hagler, John
Hall, William Gibson
Herring, Timothy J.
Hobbs, Abraham
Hobbs, Judson
Holland, James F.
Holland, John R.
Holmes, Milton
Holshouser, Ambrose N.
Honeycutt, Miles C.
Howard, Fleet Hiram
Howard, Joseph C.
Howard, Thomas M.
Howard, William S.
Hutchinson, Andrew Jackson
Ingram, William W.
Ivey, W. L.
Jackson, James W.
Jackson, Martin G. B.
Johnson, L. W.
Johnson, William H.
Kelly, Chester
Kelly, James M.
King, Lewis D.
King, Stephen J.
Lawhon, Archibald Francis
Lee, Thomas J.
Lee, Willis
Lewis, Archibald A.
Lewis, Cornelius
Lewis, Prior
McKenzie, Reddin
McLamore, Tobias
McLamore, William S.
Maynor, William R.
Merritt, Isaac W.
Mewborn, Parrott
Miles, John
Mitchel, Henry
Moore, Walter J.
Naylor, Ransom
Norwood, R. W.
Nowles, William R.
Ogburn, N. S.
Page, Jacob S.
Page, Owen
Parker, James Matthew
Parting, Henry A.
Pennington, Henry
Pennington, John
Pennington, William
Pipkin, Lewis H.
Pope, Alexander
Pope, Stephen
Pope, Wiley
Pope, William Bright
Pridgen, William E.
Pugh, James H.
Rackley, George W.
Reed, M. D.
Register, Edward M.
Register, Harmon H.
Reynolds, Charles H.
Reynolds, John R.
Rich, James O.
Rich, L. M.
Robinson, Harmon R.
Robinson, Thomas M.
Robinson, W. J.
Rogers, William
Rogister, James
Royal, Alexander
Royal, Hardy S.
Royal, Marshall
Royal, Martin
Royal, Nevil
Royal, Sherman
Sessoms, Calton
Smith, Richard F.
Spell, Gaston
Spell, Hardy L.
Steele, James H.
Strickland, Walter D.
Sutton, John J.
Sutton, Michael
Tatom, Love A.
Taylor, T. J.
Taylor, William J.
Tew, Blackman
Tew, Wiley
Thrailkill, Joseph M.
Tindell, David
Tindell, Miles S.
Turner, Cicero
Underwood, Daniel R.
Walker, James C.
Wammack, Levi T.
Warrick, T. J.
Weeks, John A.
Whitfield, J. E.
Williams, Clabram
Williams, John C.
Williamson, David
Williamson, Henry
Williamson, James
Winscoff, George W.


Confederate Soldiers Project

The Confederate Soldiers Project

The Cumberland Plough Boys, Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #2187 in Stedman, NC has taken on the project of identifying and recording the Confederate Soldiers from the five counties of Bladen, Cumberland, Harnett, Robeson, and Sampson.   This study will include soldiers from modern-day Hoke County which was formed out of Cumberland and Robeson counties, and Scotland County which was formed from Robeson and Richmond counties.

List of Confederate Companies & Soldiers


The purpose of the project is to honor our Confederate Ancestors and the Confederate Soldiers from our home region by investigating each soldier to determine their military record, family information, and burial information and recording that information so that anyone researching that Soldier can electronically access that information.


  1. Identify the Companies from the five county area.  Any company that has a dozen soldiers from the area will be included in its entirety.  A web page will be created for these companies.  All soldiers including soldiers known to be from outside the area along with soldiers of unknown origin will be included.  They are included because they have close ties and possibly moved into the area, or could be erroneously identified from outside the area.
  2. Soldiers with known ties (born, resided, or enlisted) to the five county area, who are not from a company identified from the five county area (as described above) will be listed together on a single web page.
  3. A comprehensive alphabetical list of all the soldiers from steps 1 and 2 will be developed for use in cemetery research.
  4. A systematic approach will be taken to visit and record cemetery information across the five county area.  When possible, photos will be taken and grave location information will be recorded.  While conducting this survey, graves of soldiers not included in the study will be identified by Confederate markings on their tombstones.  These soldiers may have been from an outside area originally but later moved into the area, or military records may not have recorded their home county.  A single web page will be created identifying these soldiers.
  5. A web page will be created on each individual soldier with links back to the company web pages.  Information to be included will be name (at times altered to be correct), birth and death date (if known), synopsis of military record, family information, and burial information.  Identification of the soldier will be conducted by a genealogical review panel.  Looking at all the information available from census records, family research, and military records every attempt will be made to correctly identify the soldier.  We understand that many soldiers will not be able to be identified due to poor records, or multiple persons having the same name.  In such cases, only the military information will be recorded.


  1. Our Ancestors- A web page will be created showing the lineal ancestors of members of the Cumberland Plough Boys, and collateral ancestors of the members who joined the Sons of Confederate Veterans through that ancestor.  Our Ancestors resided all across the South.  Therefore, there will be web pages created for those Confederate Soldiers outside the five county area.
  2. Soldiers we find in the Cemeteries-   In order to get the burial information to the public in a timely manner, we will expedite the creation of the web pages for these soldiers.
  3. The Cumberland Plough Boys, 24th North Carolina Regiment, Company F – This company is the namesake for Our Camp and the unit closest to our heart.  Needless to say, they will get priority.
  4. Other Cumberland County Companies
  5. Soldiers from within the Five County Area
  6. Soldiers from outside the Five County Area


We understand that this project will take a long time to fully accomplish.  We are publically saying that we expect it to take a decade.  This project will be accomplished one soldier at a time.  The time it takes to complete will be determined by the devotion of Camp Members to participate.  At the beginning, the backlog will be on the Web Page creation side because we have less expertise in that area.


Many military records contain negative information about a soldier’s record.  Negative information could include being absent without leave, dishonorably discharged, court-martialed, desertion, or joining the opposing army.

It is our mission to as best as possible to provide accurate information about the soldier.  In no way are we judging a soldier’s record.  It was very common for a soldier to desert or be absent without leave for a short period of time and then return to duty.  Often they left to attend a situation at home, such as a crop harvest (because no men were left at home), but then returned to fight.  Unfortunately by the end of the war, Confederate Records are not always complete.  The last record of the soldier often determines how the soldier is viewed.  Obviously, joining the opposing army or being dishonorably discharged is very negative.


Unfortunately in a project of this size, errors will be made and we will likely miss a soldier.  If you see an error, please let us know.  Our intent is to honor ALL soldiers from the area.  The North Carolina Roster of Troops has not yet produced volumes on the Militia or Home Guard at this time.  We will include what information is ready available to us.  Even the Confederate Military Records are not complete, and it is pretty certain that there were soldiers who fought that were not recorded.  Unfortunately, we cannot correct that mistake.  We can only report from the records that exist.


North Carolina Roster of Troops, 1861-1865:  vols. I-XVIII.

Confederate Military Records accessed through www.fold3.com

U.S. Census Records accessed through www.ancestry.com

54th North Carolina Regiment, Company C

54th North Carolina, Company C

Enlisted in Cumberland & Sampson Counties, May 1862.

Culbreth, Daniel Allison
Muchison, Kenneth McKenzie
Russell, Robert G.

Cole, William W.
McDaniel, William C.
Smith, Edward
Williams, John Marshall

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Andrew, A. N.
Autry, Malcolm
Autry, William W.
Baker, Daniel A.
Baxley, Jacob B.
Bennett, Charles
Bishop, John
Bishop, Joseph M.
Bolton, Foster M.
Brock, James H.
Brown, John
Bullard, James A.
Bullin, C.
Bunce, Hiram R.
Burroughs, Thomas M.
Cameron, Daniel E.
Cameron, Jonathan S.
Cannada, Henry
Carter, David
Clemmons, N. V.
Clifton, Isaiah
Clifton, Stephen E. W.
Coleman, David B.
Coleman, Henry J.
Craton, Robert
Dickson, John C.
Dove, Malcolm
Driver, James K.
Earls, John T.
Ellis, Alexander
Elmore, William
Faircloth, Daniel J.
Faircloth, Evan A.
Faircloth, Hardy
Faircloth, John W.
Faircloth, Jonas
Faircloth, McIlvaine
Faircloth, Patrick
Faircloth, Reason
Faircloth, Smith F.
Fay, James
Figus, David
Gainey, Abram
Gales, Harrison
Godfrey, James
Goodman, Alfred J.
Goodman, Jessie Curtis
Graham, Henry W.
Graham, Peter
Guy, John A.
Guy, Philomon T.
Guy, Quinton B.
Guy, William J.
Hall, Hanson K.
Hall, Henry
Hall, J. R.
Harden, Jacob
Harrall, Thomas
Hartly, James
Hodges, James W.
Hopkins, Thomas
Horne, M. J.
Hudson, James M.
Hudson, Jesse M.
Jackson, John W.
James, William Z.
Jones, George W.
Kemp, George W.
Knight, Archibald
Knight, John W.
Knight, W. T.
Lee, William R.
Lockamy, Allen L.
Mabe, J.
Mabe, John R.
McAllister, William B.
McArthur, Neill
McDonald, Archibald J.
McDonald, Hugh D.
McDonald, John Alexander
McDonald, Randal P.
McIntyre, Dougald
McLean, Daniel
McLeod, Duncan J.
McLeod, John B.
McMillan, Neill
Malloy, Malcolm
Monroe, Duncan J.
Morgan, Joseph B.
Morris, Thomas
Morrison, Daniel A.
Morrison, William John
Murphy, Dickson
Murphy, Peter
Murphy, Thomas
Norris, Amos
Norris, John
Nye, Willis
Osborne, J. H.
Parker, Bryant
Parker, Stephen R.
Parrish, William J.
Patterson, Duncan A.
Phillips, William H.
Porter, James N.
Rainer, Stephen R.
Rainor, John S.
Roberts, Archibald
Sawyer, Manuel
Sellers, John W.
Sessoms, John
Shaw, Archibald
Shepherd, Joshua
Smith, Thomas R.
Stanley, S.
Strickland, Hillery V.
Taylor, Joshua Jr.
Taylor, Nathan
Taylor, Needham
Thrower, William N.
Tyson, Archibald
Varnum, Alexander
Varnum, Spier
Walden, Alex J.
Watson, Richard Buchanan
West, Wilie C.
Wilkins, John T.
Wilkins, Raiford B.
Wilkins, William P.
Willet, John
Williams, Daniel G.
Williams, William W.
Woodell, Van

61st North Carolina Regiment, Company A

Sampson Confederates
61st North Carolina Regiment, Company A

Raised in Sampson County on April 20, 1861

Devane, William Stewart
Marsh, George Washington
Robinson, James Holmes
Story, Edward F.

Carroll, Francis Marion
Chesnutt, Julius M.
Smith, William Franklyn

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Armstrong, Fleet Hiram
Armstrong, George W.
Armstrong, James M.
Armstrong, John O.
Armstrong, Stephen S.
Bennett, Hardy Kirving
Blount, Sherman J.
Boon, John W.
Bowden, Calvin James
Boykin, Abraham
Boykin, Isaac
Bradshaw, Thomas
Brewington, Ireland
Carroll, Stephen T.
Conlin, Q. P.
Cook, Charles A.
Cook, Lewis O.
Dowd, Thomas
Downing, Thomas L.
Dupree, John G.
Emerson, Thomas J.
Evans, John J.
Faison, Solomon W.
Faison, William Lucius
Freeman, Absalom C.
Fryar, Henry
Fryar, Owen
Fryar, Thomas
Graves, Thomas L.
Grice, Wiley M.
Hall, James
Hall, Tobias
Heath, James G.
Herring, Amos R.
Herring, Owen F.
Herring, Robert S.
Highsmith, James B.
Highsmith, John James
Hines, William F.
Hines, William S.
Hobbs, H.
Hobbs, Julius C.
Horn, James H.
Hubbard, Joseph Henley
Johnson, Amma Ferdinand
Johnson, Everett
Johnson, James H.
Johnson, Samuel
Johnson, Sylvester
Kelly, Isaiah J.
Knowles, John J.
Knowles, Joseph H.
Lewis, Rufus R.
Lockamy, John O.
McArthur, James O.
McCalop, James Irving
McKenzie, James McD.
Marshall, James
Mashburn, James M.
Millard, Luther R.
Moffitt, Reuben E.
Moore, John Thomas
Moore, Walter James
Murphy, Patrick H.
Newton, Christopher Columbus
Oates, Jethro D.
Oates, Marshall H.
Paddison, John R.
Paddison, Richard P.
Parish, Alonzo W.
Peal, Jesse
Peterson, James
Rackley, Thomas L.
Register, John R.
Rhodes, William James
Robinson, Albert T.
Robinson, John M.
Rogers, William W.
Sessoms, Love D.
Shurnick, Samuel N.
Simmons, Lofton B.
Simmons, Wiley
Simmons, William H. H.
Smith, Andrew J.
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, James M.
Smith, Yancy Ben
Stevens, David
Usher, Edwin T.
Vann, John James
Vann, John Robert
Watson, Sherman J.
Wilson, George Fennel
Wilson, William W. W.

51st North Carolina Regiment, Company K

Confederate Stars
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company K

Enlisted in Sampson County in April, 1862

51st Regimental Flag

51st Regimental Flag

Murphy, William Faison
Underwood, Joseph B.

Boykin, Solomon
Dudley, Eli Jr.
Elliott, Alexander Jr.
McKethan, Edwin Turner
Tew, John Joel

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Ammons, Daniel James
Anderson, Alexander
Bain, John G.
Basdon, Kinion H.
Basdon, Kinion H.
Bennett, Fleet S.
Blackburn, Felix
Blackburn, James R.
Blackburn, Resin
Boon, David M.
Boone, John Alston Davis
Boyer, Daniel
Bradshaw, John T.
Bradshaw, Moses L.
Bradshaw, S. T.
Branch, Alcey
Bronson, Charles H.
Bronson, Julian
Bronson, Julius J.
Bullard, Giles M.
Cain, Evan
Chestnutt, Samuel H.
Cook, Thomas M.
Cornbow, Thomas
Crumpler, Charles H.
Dawson, John C.
Dixon, Daniel H.
Edwards, H. F.
Fann, Richard H.
Fann, Wiley
Gaddy, Israel D.
Gainey, J. H.
Giddens, Henry Clay
Giddens, John William
Godwin, Hiram
Godwin, William L.
Goff, Wiley
Gore, David J.
Harris, John H.
Hawley, Edward
Hawley, Jonathan
Hawley, Samson
Hawley, Thomas James
Hollingsworth, Alfred
Hollingsworth, Benjamin F.
Housliver, E.
Jackson, John R.
Jackson, Lewis
Jackson, Monk L.
Jackson, Thomas
Jackson, W. H.
James, Joseph T.
Johnson, David Clark
Johnson, George A.
Jordan, Haywood
Jordan, James Ervin
Jordan, William Robb
Joyner, David
Layton, Isaac W.
Layton, Sherwood
Lee, Erasmus E.
Lee, John B.
Lee, Sir William
McDermon, H. H.
McKenzie, Robert McK.
McKethan, Augustus A. Jr.
McMillan, William Dougald
Morgan, John Nathan
Munns, Washington W.
Murphy, Hugh N.
Murphy, John A.
Parker, Jack Wylie
Parker, Noel
Pope, James A.
Pope, Michael S.
Pope, Milton
Pope, Ollen
Rich, William H.
Rogers, David F.
Rogers, Joseph
Royal, Tolbert P.
Ryals, Lewit W.
Sessoms, Dickson
Sills, David
Sills, Henry Washington
Sills, Joel
Sills, William T.
Simmons, James
Simmons, Lemon L.
Simpson, William A.
Stanley, Alfred C.
Stone, John P.
Strickland, Edwin B.
Strickland, Robert M.
Strickland, William A.
Strickland, William T.
Sutton, Philip
Tew, Bedford
Tew, Holly
Tew, John L.
Tew, Lewis M.
Tew, Martin B.
Tew, Myutt M.
Treadwell, John R.
Vann, Chester R.
Wade, Duncan B.
Wade, L. A.
Walker, A. C.
Warren, John T.
Warren, Richard
Watkins, Blake
Watson, Thomas F.
Wellons, J. D. T.
Williford, Jason Tounley
Williford, John C. Sr.
Williford, John Cager
Williford, Richard
Williford, Sir William
Williford, Townley
Williford, W. J. T.

Sampson Artillery

Captain Abner A. Moseley’s Company
Sampson Artillery

Company was granted by Secretary of War on October 19, 1863

Moseley, Abner A.

Hubbard, Joseph H.
Thompson, Charles Alonza

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Alford, Preston Giles
Allison, Joseph Y.
Andrews, Alfred
Arnold, James L.
Bacon, Harper G.
Barefoot, George W.
Barefoot, Kenyon
Bass, James C.
Bass, Melvin
Battin, Joseph
Battin, William
Beaman, William K.
Bizzell, Albert M.
Blackmore, Romulus A.
Blacknell, Richard D.
Boone, David C.
Boyett, Calvin
Boyett, William H.
Bradshaw, Evans A.
Bradshaw, John Robert
Bradshaw, W. R.
Britt, Thomas G.
Bryant, Joseph E.
Bryant, Thomas K.
Buffkin, James M.
Caison, Hillory R.
Capps, William M.
Carroll, Pelic R.
Coates, Coleman G.
Coates, John G.
Coleman, G. C.
Coleman, William
Cox, James
Cox, John P.
Darden, Simeon J. A.
Darden, Thomas
Dawson, James T.
Drew, Christopher H.
Eager, James W.
Fairfax, John
Farmer, Jesse
Flythe, George Washington
Fortner, John E.
Frazier, John R.
Gibbs, Neill H.
Goodman, John Charles
Granger, William
Granger, William H. Harrison
Grist, Allen Jr.
Gully, Ransom
Haney, Finley
Hargrove, John C.
Harris, Henry F.
Henry, James F.
Herring, Isaiah
Hill, Daniel J.
Hobbs, James Gabriel
Howell, Benjamin T.
Hudson, Holly
Hudson, William Lee
Jackson, James H.
Jackson, Jeremiah
Jackson, John
Jackson, Nathan W.
Jackson, Simon Peter
Jackson, William B.
Jernigan, Austin M.
Jernigan, William J.
Jones, Daniel M.
Jones, David
Jones, David B.
Jones, John H.
Jones, Jonas
Jones, Protheus Armistead
Keen, James G. Sr.
Kestler, William M.
King, James
King, J. H.
Lewis, Boaz
Lewis, William H.
Lockamy, Thomas L.
Loftin, Ila C. Major
Marlow, Joseph
McKenzie, John B.
McKinnon, Daniel
McNair, John J.
Means, James M.
Moore, I. S.
Moore, Lewis W.
Murphy, Matthew
Nailor, Abraham
Newbern, William T.
Newton, James A.
Nobles, Samuel
O’Quinn, David W.
O’Quinn, Patrick
Paddison, John R.
Peterson, Laban
Peterson, Raiford
Pickett, Samuel C.
Pierce, Stephen
Pope, James
Pope, Marshall
Pope, William K.
Rackley, John W.
Redmond, Frank P.
Rich, Lott
Rising, Elias
Roberts, John W.
Russell, John C.
Sclater, William S.
Simmons, Saunders
Smith, Andrew
Smith, William M.
Smith, William S.
Stevens, Thomas M.
Stewart, Charles
Stewart, Roderick
Strickland, Elias
Strickland, John H.
Tanner, William
Tart, Saunders P. M.
Tharpe, John M.
Thompson, Thomas M.
Vreen, Charles J.
Vreen, Pinckney
Warrick, John
Watkins, Robert D.
Watts, Gool B.
Watts, Guilford
Watts, Philip
Watts, Pinckney
Watts, William
Wiles, Samuel
Williams, Edward
Williamson, John A.
Wooten, Butler
Wooten, Crawford

63rd North Carolina Regiment, Company C

Confederate Volunteers
63rd North Carolina, Company C
a.k.a. 5th North Carolina Cavalry, Company C

Enlisted at Sampson and Duplin Counties on May 16, 1862

Shaw, Elias F.

Hines, John Charles
Moore, James
Partrick, Cornelius
Peterson, Everett

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Bell, R. R.
Bizzell, F. M.
Blount, William R. C.
Boney, E. W.
Boon, Sylvester
Bowden, Calvin J.
Boykin, H.
Bradshaw, Thomas
Brewer, Bennett
Britt, Nathan
Bunting, Thomas Owen
Butler, Charles
Butler, John
Butler, John J.
Butler, Redden
Cain, George W.
Caison, William B.
Carr, Amzy
Carr, Rufus
Cashwell, William
Cobb, H. H.
Cook, Hardy M.
Culbreth, Grey
Culbreth, Wilbur F.
Darden, Lewis H.
Daughtry, Guilford
Ezzell, Charles W.
Ezzell, Thomas
Faircloth, Reason
Ferrell, Thomas M.
Fisher, Troy
Flowers, Alfred
Flowers, Jacob D.
Freeland, William D. B.
Fryar, Owen
Giles, G. W.
Goodrick, L. F.
Grice, Isaac W.
Hales, Irvin
Herring, Lucian
Hicks, E. F.
Highsmith, George
Hobbs, Julius C.
Holmes, William H.
Horn, Joseph
Howel, J. D.
Jackson, James H.
Jacobs, Simon
Johnson, Thaddeus
Kelley, Sylvester R.
Kelly, Thomas
King, Allen D.
King, Alven H.
King, H. S.
King, John B.
King, Robert T.
Kinnair, Thomas Hinton
Lamb, Allen W.
Lee, Richard Henry
Lee, William R.
Lewis, Isaac
Lewis, William
Matthews, Benedict
Matthews, Jacob Luther
McCullen, James
McCullin, Alex
Moore, John
Moore, Reuben Thomas
Moore, Walter J.
Murphy, Thomas
Noles, W. R.
Owens, Gabriel
Page, Richard
Parker, Archibald B.
Pearson, Robert K.
Peterson, Amma C.
Peterson, Julius H. C.
Peterson, Marsdon C.
Peterson, William J.
Peterson, William S.
Powell, James T.
Pugh, Benjamin F.
Rackley, Hardy
Register, Harmon H.
Register, John R.
Rich, L. W.
Rich, Owen A.
Rich, Pinkney
Robinson, D. C.
Robinson, James C.
Rogers, Isaac T.
Royal, Whitney
Sellers, Jorden
Smith, George W.
Sorrell, Hiram
Strickland, James R.
Sutton, John H.
Tatum, George M.
Tatum, James R.
Timothy, Cornelius
Turner, Everett
Vann, George W.
Wadkins, Leonard
Warren, Archibald
Warren, Robert H.
Warwick, William B.
Weeks, Benajah C.
Weeks, William R.
West, George R.
Williams, Isaac E.
Williamson, Franklin P.
Williamson, Henry G.
Winders, Horace
Wrench, John R.

51st North Carolina Regiment, Company B

Warsaw Sampsons
51st North Carolina Regiment, Company B

Enlisted in Duplin and Sampson County in March 1862

51st Regimental Flag

51st Regimental Flag

Bell, Walter R.
Herring, Thomas James
Hobson, Caleb B.

Cowles, Charles L.
McKethan, Augustus A. Jr.
Smith, Jesse Thomas
Swinson, John E.

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Armstrong, Edward
Armstrong, John
Bell, Elias
Bell, Felix
Bell, Thomas
Best, Benjamin S.
Best, William R.
Blanchard, David Jones
Boon, John H.
Boon, Joseph F.
Bowen, George W.
Boyette, John Ankrum
Bradshaw, Daniel J.
Brock, G. T.
Brown, George W.
Brown, James Arthur
Brown, Owen Tyler
Bryant, Nicholas P.
Carlton, Henry J.
Carpenter, Joe
Carroll, John C.
Carroll, William D.
Carroll, William S.
Chase, William H.
Chesnutt, Daniel H.
Chesnutt, Jacob L.
Chestnutt, William N.
Cobb, James
Dickson, Calvin L.
Ezzell, Chesnutt J.
Ezzell, Curtis Hooks
Ezzell, Elisha Henry
Ezzell, Joseph Cullen
Ezzell, Lewis T.
Ezzell, Lewis W.
Ezzell, Rabon J.
Ezzell, William Wright
Ezzell, Zachariah
Fisher, J. G.
Frederick, Simon P.
Furmage, John J.
Gavin, William A.
Gaylor, John B.
Gaylor, Lewis
Goodrich, George W.
Goore, Isaac Jr.
Guy, Alexander
Guy, David T.
Hargrove, Alvin
Hargrove, Benjamin Jr.
Harrell, William T.
Herring, Isaac W.
Hollingsworth, Leonard W.
Howard, Harris
Howard, John T.
Jackson, Joseph G.
Johnson, Mitchell
Jones, Stephen
Jones, William
Lanier, Bryant
Lanier, David
Lanier, Stephen
McArthur, John T.
McArthur, William A.
Merritt, Francis M.
Merritt, George W.
Merritt, Isaac
Merritt, James Thomas
Merritt, Kenan
Merritt, Mordecai M.
Merritt, Payton
Merritt, Richard
Merritt, Thomas W.
Merritt, William James
Miller, Robert J.
Moore, J.
Murphy, William Faison
Page, W.
Parker, Daniel W.
Parker, Larkin Newby
Parker, Nicholas
Parker, William L.
Patterson, John O.
Patterson, William J.
Peel, Mark
Phillips, Absalom
Pipkin, Stephen I.
Pollock, Alfred C.
Pollock, Luke
Powell, Wiley
Powell, William
Rackley, Sherman
Rackley, William Edward
Register, Burrell M.
Register, George R.
Register, Samuel R.
Rivenbark, Daniel J.
Sanderson, Isaac
Sandlin, Hiram L.
Sellers, David G.
Smith, Albert O.
Smith, Amos J.
Smith, David J.
Smith, Lewis H.
Springs, Jacob
Strickland, Calvin M.
Strickland, Jeremiah
Strickland, Josiah
Strickland, William H.
Sutton, Michael Wesley
Themegley, T. F.
Thornton, Thomas J.
Tucker, A.
Tucker, Calvin
Tucker, Kilby
Tucker, William
Turnidge, John James
Wade, Aretos I.
Wall, T. J.
Waters, Benajah
Waters, Matthew J.
Watson, Benjamin
West, Thaddeus L.
Whitfield, George W.
Wiley, James
Williams, Robert K.
Williamson, Jasper B.
Williamson, Jesse R.
Williamson, Page
Wilson, John J.
Wood, Frederick A.
Wood, William M.

36th North Carolina Regiment, 2nd Company C

Blocker’s Artillery or Braddy’s Battery
36th North Carolina Regiment, 2nd Company C
a.k.a. 2nd North Carolina Artillery, 2nd Company C

Mustered into Confederate Service in February, 1862

Blocker, Octavius Harvey
Braddy, Kinchen Joseph

Benton, Henry Edwin
Millard, David Thompson
Owen, James
Williams, Charles Judson

Non-Commissioned Officers and Privates
Adams, Joseph J.
Autry, Daniel
Autry, John William
Autry, Micajah
Averitte, Neill
Bain, Joel Washington
Baker, Ira D.
Baker, James Anderson
Baker, John
Baker, John B.
Baker, Patrick H.
Bass, Robert John
Beard, Daniel D.
Beard, James Robert
Beard, Windsor F.
Bedsole, James Larkin
Bowditch, Nathaniel J.
Brown, Archibald
Brown, Daniel
Brown, John Rory
Bullard, Malcomb Henry
Bullard, Thomas Isham
Bullock, Henry Gray
Butler, James
Campbell, Peter
Carter, Henry C.
Cashwell, Edward
Cashwell, John H.
Cashwell, Marshall
Chason, Joseph H.
Coates, Wyngate
Cogdell, David
Collier, Zachariah
Cooper, Charles H.
Cooper, Daniel A.
Cooper, Hiram B.
Cooper, John S.
Cutts, Alexander
Davis, William H.
Dewar, Henry B.
Ellis, Enoch
Everett, Neil
Faircloth, Barnabas
Faircloth, Isaiah
Faircloth, Solomon
Faircloth, Thomas H.
Faucett, R. P.
Fisher, John Henry
Fisher, Marshall T.
Fisher, William T.
Giles, John
Graham, Malcom J.
Gray, James Alexander
Gregory, Neill R.
Griffin, William C.
Guy, William
Haigh, William Hooper
Hales, Samuel
Hall, Amos Jessup
Hall, Daniel
Hall, David T.
Hall, Enoch
Hall, Joshua Soal
Hall, Malcolm
Hall, Maurice
Hall, Stephen W.
Hall, Thomas B.
Hall, William D.
Hall, William James
Hare, Daniel
Hare, James E.
Hare, Joel
Hare, John
Hare, John B.
Hare, Reddin
Hare, Richard
Hart, William
Hawley, Francis O.
Hockaday, Bennett
Hockaday, Paschal
Hockaday, Thomas S.
Holland, Matthew
Hollowman, Alfred B.
Horn, Arthur
Horn, David Timothy
Horne, Daniel W.
Horne, George T.
Horne, John
Horne, William J.
Hudson, Wilson
Johnson, James
Johnson, John A.
Johnson, Richard M.
Johnson, William H.
Jones, William E.
Jones, William T.
Jordan, William H.
Kelly, William H.
Kennedy, William J.
Keyes, Stephen
Lockerman, Evan
Lockerman, John M.
Lucas, Henry
Lucas, James
Matthews, Allen
Matthews, Daniel
Matthews, David
Matthews, Edwin J.
Matthews, Hudson
Matthews, Jacob
Matthews, Jacob M.
Matthews, James Thomas
Matthews, Joel
Matthews, John Allen
Matthews, Joseph H.
Matthews, Neil A.
Matthews, Norman
Matthews, Reuben
Matthews, Simon
Matthews, William H.
McArthur, Neill T.
McDaniel, Love
McDonald, Murdock
McLeod, Daniel
Melvin, Arthur Wade
Melvin, W.
Millard, Luther R.
Modlin, James
Nichols, Hazard
Nordan, Robert A.
Partin, John C.
Purcell, Duncan
Raynor, Richard
Rich, Zachariah
Riley, Daniel
Riley, John
Robinson, Frederick G.
Ross, James A.
Ross, John A.
Royal, Molton
Sessoms, Alexander
Sessoms, James Gilbert
Sessoms, Neill
Sessoms, Sherwood
Sessoms, William J.
Shaw, John A.
Sikes, Edmund Lafayette
Simms, John H.
Smith, Daniel
Smith, John W.
Smith, Larkin G.
Smith, Randal H.
Smith, William E.
Spell, David
Spell, Hardy
Spell, Lewis Ballard
Spence, John A.
Starling, Thomas E.
Starling, William Street
Stephenson, Newitt
Stewart, John Wash
Strickland, Rubin
Tew, Thomas L.
Thagard, James B.
Thaggard, Isaac
Thames, Alexander
Thomson, Willis Andrew
Thorn, George P.
Tindall, Calvin
Upchurch, Benjamin
Utley, Moses C.
Vinson, Samuel
Wester, William J.
Wheeler, Amos Jessup
Wheeler, John C.
Wheeler, Owen
Wicker, Eli M.
Wilkes, Andrew J.
Wilkes, Thomas J.
Williams, H. William
Williams, Joel
Williams, Reddin
Williams, Richard