W. S. Jackson to Command Plough Boys in 2013

Commander W. S. Jackson

Commander W. S. Jackson

W. S. Jackson has been elected to serve as Commander of the Cumberland Plough Boys for the next year.  The Annual Meeting of Camp 2187 occurs every January and culminates in the election of officers for the next year.  Past Commander Mark Whitley completed his second consecutive term which is the most allowed by Camp By-Laws.

Joining Commander Jackson on the Executive Council is 1st Lieutenant Commander Ken Bell, 2nd Lieutenant Commander David Vinson, Adjutant Mark Whitley, and Judge Advocate Fitz Johnston.  The Judge Advocate is an appointed position and serves as the fifth member of the council when the Past Commander holds another elected position or is unable to fill the position.

Commander Jackson has already made the following appointments:

Chaplain – Greg Maxwell
Color Sergeant – Mike Willis
Quartermaster – Dwight Lovick
Assistant Quartermaster – Jackie Ware
Assistant Quartermaster – Mack Eason
Drill Sergeant – Ronnie Horne

Other appointments may be forthcoming.

Wiley Calvin Jackson

Wiley Calvin Jackson
October 3, 1847 – November 13, 1916

1860 Residence: Mingo, Sampson County, North Carolina

2nd Great Grandfather of W.S. Jackson

Military Record
January 4, 1864 – Enlisted at Brunswick County, NC
36th North Carolina Regiment, 2nd Company A
also known as 2nd North Carolina Artillery, 2nd Company A
Rank: Private
January 15, 1865 – Captured at Fort Fisher
Confined at Point Lookout, MD
June 14, 1865 – Released after taking the Oath of Allegiance

Irvin Jackson 1823-1860
Piercy D. Warren 1826-1855

Mary Catherine Jackson 1849-1927
Nancy Jane Jackson 1851-1931
William B. Jackson 1852-1921

Nancy Elizabeth Jackson 1839-1904

Charles Addison Jackson 1867-1908
Irvin Lonnie Jackson 1872-1918
Ada Jackson 1873-1954
Ella Jackson 1876-1916
Hestella Jackson 1877-1943
Wiley B. Jackson 1879-1953
Buckner Edwin Jackson 1882-1960

Repsie Jackson 1870-1910

Bullard Jackson 1906-1973
Fleet Jackson 1906-1988
Nancy Jane Jackson 1909-1910

Jackson Cemetery
Highway 13 & SR 1002
Sampson County, NC

Wiley Calvin Jackson Grave

Wiley Calvin Jackson Grave