Thomas M. Hatcher

Thomas M. Hatcher
October 22, 1845 – October 22, 1887

1860 Residence: Bedford County, VA

Great Grandfather of Steven Hatcher

Military Record
37th Battalion Virginia Cavalry, Company A
Rank: Unknown
Only known record of service is his widow’s pension application where E. H. Keyes, George O. Young, and John Edward Lee, soldiers in his unit, all attest to his service. The pension was approved on June 8, 1908.

Thomas Fuqua Hatcher 1803-1879
Caroline Sherman Noell 1803-1887

Lafayette Noell Hatcher 1825-1848
Sarah Ann Hatcher 1827-1897
Edwin Cornelius Hatcher 1829-1884
Mary M. Hatcher 1831
Emma Hatcher 1834-1908
Caroline F. Hatcher 1836
Judson Noel Hatcher 1839-1927
Robert Hatcher 1843-1920
Elizabeth Hatcher 1848

Ardelphia Elizabeth Turner 1845

Charley Hatcher 1867-1870
Dillard Meshack Hatcher 1869-1918
Robert Leonard Hatcher 1871-1956
John Henry Hatcher 1874-1959
Callie Mae Hatcher 1876-1959
Judson R. Hatcher 1878
Hattie T. Hatcher 1881-1902
Coney Hatcher 1881-1882
Burg James Hatcher 1884-1955
Cora Bet Hatcher 1887-1901

Mill Creek Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery
Henry, Virginia

Thomas M Hatcher

Thomas M Hatcher Grave