Wiley Dwight Averitt

Wiley Dwight Averitt
1842 – August 25, 1905

Alternate Spelling: Wiley D. Averitt, Wiley D. Everitt, Wiley Dwight Everitt, Wiley D. Averitte, Wiley Dwight Averitte
1860 Residence: Cumberland County, NC

Military Record
June 1, 1861 – Enlisted at Cumberland County, NC
24th North Carolina Regiment, Company F
Rank: Private
June 17, 1864 – Captured near Petersburg, VA
Confined at Point Lookout, MD
June 27, 1864 – Transferred to Elmira, NY
June 26, 1865 – Released after taking the Oath of Allegiance

Henry Averitt 1810-1877
Sarah Anderson 1809-1880

Charlotte Ann Averitt 1833-1910
Green Streety Averitt 1839-1923        24th NC Co F
Sarah Lee Averitt 1844-1900
Henry Cashwell Averitt 1849-1920

Marcella Weyma 1850-1924

Alice Averitt 1872-1948
Daisy Averitt 1875
Henry Jessie Averitt 1878
Lillian Averitt 1887-1928

Hortense Cemetery
Hortense, Brantley County, GA

Wiley Dwight Averitt Grave

Wiley Dwight Averitt Grave