Hamilton MacMillan

Hamilton MacMillan
August 29, 1837 – February 27, 1916


Alternate Spelling: Hamilton McMillan
1860 Residence: Cumberland County, NC

Military Record
April 17, 1861 – Enlisted at Cumberland County, NC
1st North Carolina Infantry, Company F
Rank: Private
November 12-13, 1861 – Mustered out
Reportedly enlisted in 6th North Carolina, Company G
No records exist with that company

William MacMillan 1802-1893
Ann Peterson McNeill 1816-1898

Susan A. MacMillan 1844

Elizabeth Gillespie Robeson 1834-1907

Francis Purdie MacMillan 1864-1865
William Graham MacMillan 1866-1890
Mary Eliza MacMillan 1868-1957
Janie Robeson MacMillan 1870-1939
John Robeson MacMillan 1872-1944
Cornelia Spencer MacMillan 1875-1962
David G. Robeson MacMillan 1879-1954

Alloway Cemetery
Watson Farm Road
Red Springs, NC

Hamilton MacMillan Grave

Hamilton MacMillan Grave